Your Baby Is Turning Into A Toddler: What You Need To Have Ready

How time flies; as hard it is to accept but the inevitable is finally happening! Your cute bundle of joy – who is now depending on you for their every need. And you know what (and this is something they don’t tell you in those parenting classes) their only mission is to feed and sleep! They are now turning into big, seemingly independent, but still cute toddlers that will be in the next years be what you did or did not expect them to be. 

It’s at this stage that it will seem like you are slowing down, especially as your toddler is getting introduced to a whole new world. They’ll be more energetic, and more mobile, they’ll also seem like they want to be independent. This stage can be overwhelming, for both first time and experienced parents. One thing to note is that each toddler is different and they also come with different needs and push buttons! For this and more reasons. Here is what you need if your baby is turning into a toddler. 

1. Pushchair

Whether they are crawling or walking, your toddler will want to explore the surroundings every chance they get. However, there are limited places and distances their little feet can carry them before they get exhausted and cranky. To make movements and explorations easy and exciting for both of you, consider getting a pushchair as it’ll enlarge their areas of adventure. 


Caring for a toddler can get your hands full and this means that you might lack time to go shopping for the right pushchair. Don’t worry, there’s nothing as easy and convenient as buying a pushchair online with a guaranteed next day delivery. Better still, there’s a host of pushchairs and their accessories for all the occasions. Whether you are visiting their favorite grandparents or visiting Disneyland, you have something for their every need out there. The only thing it calls for is to strap in your toddler and it’s time for an adventure.  Let’s take a look at some important factors that you’ll need to consider before investing in a strap chair. They include: 


  • Quality – It’s your baby! By this, it means that you’ll want to go for the best quality strap chairs out there. The materials of construction must be safe and most importantly, durable. 
  • Age – The age of your toddler will also play a huge role when choosing a pushchair as not all will do for just any age.
  • Features – You’ll also want to consider whether the pushchair is functional and that it contains features such as baby-cup holders and enough space where they can play on.
  • Comfort – This is a no brainer! Always ensure that the baby pusher is comfortable and contains padding that will not hurt your baby’s butt! 
  • Ease of use and cleaning – Always consider options that are easy to clean and a baby pusher that is easy to assemble, collapse, and use thereafter. 

2. Toddler Proofing

As you are about to realize, your toddler is an expert climber – so they might seem – and they are actually getting good at it! They’ll make baby proofing seem like child’s play. You can tweak the existing baby proofing by adding secure toddler proofing just to be on the safe side. Those stairs you think are too steep for your toddler to climb, think again! They’ll climb them faster than you can say peek-a-boo! You can add simple gates or fasteners, especially when dealing with spaced-in-betweens with the stairs. Your toddler should also not have access to your closets, the stairs, garage, any cabinets, and the slippery bathroom to mention but a few. Always ensure that the materials of construction in your home are baby-friendly and safe.

3. Phase-Out the Baby Talk

It’s time to say goodbye to some of the baby business – apart from all that cuteness. It’s time to say goodbye to all the baby talk that you learned and start talking to your toddler in a manner that suggests that they are growing. After all, they are half an adult’s height by now, right? Additionally, this is the best time to start weaning them off baby food or formulas into some more complex foods – fingers crossed he’ll like broccoli! A talk that is more grown-up-like will help get them into nutritious diets such as veggies, fruits, meats, and the list is endless. 

4. Stock Up on the Everyday Baby Necessities

Toddlers are busybodies, and will therefore need a lot of energy since they use up a lot of it in their daily baby business. So, stock up on foods and healthy snacks. Make a timetable or schedule detailing the different energy-packed snacks you’ll feed your toddler at specific times of the day. Also, they’ll probably have outgrown their baby clothes by now. By this, it means that you should also consider buying toddler attires that are befitting to their age. Additionally, to keep them busy when you are busy with the chores around the home, get them an ample supply of toys, and create a playroom for them.

5. Unlimited Supply of Love

Despite your baby transitioning to a toddler, he still needs all the love you can give – more if you can. Despite their independence, be stern and maintain their discipline to make sure they have the right upbringing. Practice what you preach and be their role model.


They may be mobile and more active, but keep a keen eye on them to ensure that they stay out of trouble. If, however, you feel overwhelmed or notice anything out of the ordinary with your toddler, consult your pediatrician. All these essentials will assure an easy transition for both of you. 


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