What To Look For Before Purchasing Your First Travel Crib Or Bassinet

Most mothers prefer laying their infants in a bassinet for the first few weeks. However, it is crucial for you to know the advantages of using a bassinet for your baby. History has it that most infants spend their time asleep. Thus, the free bed could ease you from all the hustle when the newborn is sleeping.

Nonetheless, there are numerous options to determine when buying a small travel crib, mainly when making online purchases. The price of a bassinet depends on its model design, hence can start from $100. However, depending on the amount, choose the bassinet style with the most extended lifespan. The most common bassinet styles include co sleeper and portable bassinets. It is important to note whether the carrycot can be folded and carried easily.

First and foremost, always ensure that the crib has sufficient space to fit the mattress. The mattress and the bassinet fit nicely in such a way that you are unable to meet your fingers in between. An ample space could make the little one uncomfortable when sleeping.

Man is in error, and an error can occur when manufacturing the bed leaving it with protruded projections. Thus, you should rub the exterior and the interior side of the crib to ensure that there are no sharp projections. Sharp projections can seriously injure your tot’s soft skin.


Subsequently, ensure the crib maintains the highest safety standards. If the preferred bassinet has wheels, ensure the brakes are well placed to prevent the infant from falling. Also, ensure the base is well-built by testing it. The carrycot should be balanced to facilitate comfortability to the baby.   Moreover, before leaving the shop, check whether the crib’s screws are tight and whether they can be regulated while at home. Tight screws prevent the little one from falling. Again learn how to tighten a wrench and be in a position to get easy access of leverage to stretch the carrycot.

Finally, make a point of checking whether the blankets are removable. You should go for the removable one since your baby needs proper hygiene, thus protecting them from infections. Sheets should be changed frequently, mostly after a walk in the streets or the woods.

Furthermore, other than the factors mentioned above, there are other minor factors which could make your kid cozier. To begin with, go for the model that has a vibrating appliance. The appliance could soothe your baby when you are doing other house chores thus saving you time.

Additionally, the tot’s weight should range between 15 to 20 pounds to ensure the crib is comfortable for your baby. Usually, babies between 4 to 6 months fit the category of bassinets. Taking into consideration your baby’s weight is significant in determining the type and style of the bassinet.

Consequently, it is advisable to purchase a bassinet from a known shop where you can present your issues when damages occur. Also, you should present yourself in the shop to ensure good quality by touching the crib. Good baby’s health is as a result of better care and protection, hence go for the most favorable cot for your infant.


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