Ways to Keep Your Home Safe For Your Baby

Having a baby requires a lot of care and attention. You need to keep an eye on them at all times to ensure that they are healthy, happy, and most of all, safe. Being a good parent means understanding how important it is to keep them protected at all costs.


The biggest thing you can do to keep them safe is making their living space child friendly. Here are some ways you can make sure your home is safe for your baby.

Put Up Baby Gates

Baby’s like to crawl around and explore, so it is up to you to make sure that these adventures are safe. Baby’s should not play near exposed staircases, which is why a baby gate is always a must if you let your child crawl throughout the house. Similarly, make sure slits in any railing are too narrow for your child to get through.

Get a Baby Monitor

If you want to relax in the other room with a book or some TV, cook a meal, or spend some time in the backyard, you want to still have eyes and ears on your child. Audio monitors with audio collection technology are good, cost-effective options, and even camera monitors are significantly more affordable too. Being able to keep tabs on your baby while they sleep or while you are out of the room is a good idea for a safe, baby-friendly home.

Protect Them From Sharp Edges

Sharp edges are all around the home and for baby’s, this poses a bigger safety concern than for adults. If you walk into a table corner, it is an uncomfortable hit to the shin, but for baby, it could seriously harm their eyes. Baby’s like to crawl around so they are eye level with many sharp corners. Cover them up or find rounded edge tables and chairs to keep them protected.

Cover Electrical Outlets and Cords

Another problem with the curiosity that babies have when adventuring around the house is that they can become intrigued by electrical outlets and loose cords. Baby’s do not know about the dangers of electricity, so outlet covers and bite-proof cord covers are a must. Your child will want to get a closer look at these interesting objects, so another solution for cords is to elevate them and hide them from their reach.

Choose a Firmer Crib Mattress

Where your baby sleeps should be the safest place in the house, aside from your arms, so you should choose the right crib mattress. Many people think that a baby should have a soft mattress, but the loose material could be pushed down the side of the crib, allowing for your baby’s arm to get trapped in the side and hurt them. A firmer mattress is a better choice that will prevent this mishap from happening.


Making your home the safest place for your family is a primary goal of being a good parent, and it is easily achievable. For baby’s, they require a lot of care, so keeping the home protected from dangers to them helps you focus on making them happy rather than worrying about their safety.

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