Ways A Single Mom Can Fight Depression

Imagine being a single mom in these times of the covid-19. What a terrible scenario. No office for you and no school for your little one. You get to be stuck with your little monster 24/7. I mean, sending them to a playdate too is out of the question.

Everyone loves their children but believe me; I know how challenging managing everything at the same time can be. Worrying about bills is one thing, but working and supervising your little one at the same time gets almost impossible. In addition to that, our sleep routines have also gone down the drain. It’s like a cherry on top.

I can and can’t at the same time ask you, mommies, to take a break. Because I do not want to put your lives at risk by suggesting you go out in this pandemic and come back catching the virus. Absolutely no. do not go out and follow all the SOPs.

Furthermore, by sitting down all the time, we have become couch potatoes with zero physical activity—all the extra fat and pounds all an addition to the depressing factors. Since the gyms are closed too, it messes with our minds further.

If you are a mom and depressed, then it’s your lucky day today. As in this article, we are explicitly discussing remedies that will help all our precious mommies fight depression and stay happy and healthy with their little munchkins.

Good Sleep Is the Key

A good night’s sleep is highly essential when it comes to getting rid of anxiety or stress. How can we expect our brains to function correctly without sleep? Our brains need time to rest and so do our bodies. Our bodies can rest even when we are just sitting down. However, our brains need to sleep in order to recharge. Therefore sleep is essential for our brains to stay active and fresh.

Lack of sleep can result in depression, and furthermore, it can result in mood swings, anger, and irritation. Not sleeping enough can ruin the rest of your day as you will end up getting irritated from everyone and quarreling with everyone, let it be your friends, family, or colleagues at work. You can’t risk losing your job, especially in these times.

Furthermore, try setting up a proper sleep routine for yourself. For example, if you go to bed at around 11 tonight, make sure you go to bed at the same time again tomorrow. It doesn’t matter if you are watching a movie or if your daily is going out, ignore that, take your kid with you, and both of you go to bed. Having a proper routine will make your mind healthier. Furthermore, you will wake up fresh and active with adequate sleep every day, with a happy mood.

Also, make sure you turn off your cell phones and laptops. As the night from your electronics can meddle with your sleep, and you will end up having a night of disturbed sleep. Disturbed sleep can cause tiredness upon waking up, migraines, irritation, mood swings, etc.; the quality of sleep is very important. Therefore do not compromise on the quality. Try sleeping in a cold room where no light enters at night humans, especially females, sleep better in a cold dark room.

Work Out and Sweat it Out

Exercise is an excellent way of reducing stress and anxiety. Yes, it is difficult for sedentary people to get up and push their bodies to the limit. However, we need to accept the fact that exercise is one of the best ways to eliminate depression in our lives.

Furthermore, exercise requires consistency. You have to work out regularly in order to reap the entire benefits. Health specialists recommend that you perform moderate to high-intensity exercises four days a week or work out for 30 minutes every day. Experts also heavily encourage mothers to perform cardiovascular exercises or cardio. These aerobic exercises help lose weight fast and are great for improving your heart health.

When we work out, our brains release chemicals called endorphins and serotonin. These chemicals are responsible for the feeling of happiness and energy that we get during the workout. Furthermore, try eating two bananas 30 minutes before you decide to workout. Bananas are also called natural stress relievers. Ever wondered why happiness is associated with the color yellow? Nope, it is not because of bananas, but I just wanted to grasp your attention only in case you had gotten bored.

We all know that gyms are very costly, but then you don’t need to go to the gym to work out. You can make your own home gym. You do not need to spend thousands of dollars on the equipment. All you need to do is, select a spacious room where you can work out freely. Turn on your laptop and search out workout videos. There are over millions of exercise videos available online. So you do not need equipment, a gym, or an instructor.

Furthermore, if you do not feel like carrying out the typical exercising moves, you can always just go out for a jog, a brisk walk, or select your favorite song and dance to it.

Exercise can give you instant relief from anxiety and stress. However, if you incorporate exercise into your daily routine, it can do wonders for your body and brain. People who work out regularly have a far lesser chance of suffering from depression. Not only is exercise good for your mental health, but it is good for your overall health. Furthermore, exercise is very beneficial for your skin too. A regular workout can give you naturally glowing and healthy skin.

Essential oils

Essential oils are known for their effects on depression/stress/anxiety. Spas everywhere use essential oils to massage their customers. Essential oils have stress-relieving properties. Therefore, try incorporating essential oils into your daily routines. Below is the list of a few essential oils that you can use to reduce stress and to keep away depression:

  • Lavender
  • Chamomile
  • Rose
  • Bergamot Essential Oil
  • Jasmine
  • Sage
  • Melissa

Essential oils have side effects; however, be careful when consuming/using them as some of them, such as lavender, come with sedating effects. Therefore refrain from using them when your child is along or when you have to go out driving.

How to use essential oils?

You can use essential oils in the following ways:

  • Brew Tea
  • Put a few drops in the Diffuser
  • Massage it on your body
  • Use bath products with essential oils
  • Consume orally
  • Spray a bit on your clothes
  • Sprinkle a few drops n your pillow when going to sleep


You must have heard about CBD before. Cbd is known for its stress-relieving properties. Other than being helpful with relieving stress, CBD can also regulate your sleeping cycle and relieve you from pain as well. You can consume CBD in the following methods:

  • Add it to your food
  • Smoke it up in a vape. However, make sure you get good quality THC vape juice, see here for suggestions.
  • Massage your body with the oil

You can also search up Delta 8 thc wholesale by CBD genesis online and get yourself some in bulk and also for a lower price.

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