Tips for travelling with newborns and small kids

Many new mums feel self-conscious or tired at the idea of travelling with kids or new-borns. Unpredictable sleeping patterns, temperamental phases, and fatigue can make the prospect seem impossible, or at the very least, tiring. However, as a new parent much-needed time off is something to be cherished, and enjoying a holiday shouldn’t be exclusively for those with older kids – or none at all. If you’ve recently had a new-born enter your family life, or are looking to have a child-friendly holiday, then here are a few tips.

Keep it local

While a long trip to the Maldives might seem like the ideal holiday destination, it might not be when you factor in how babies respond to being on a long-haul flight, or even a change in the family budget. By exploring the best of what Britain has to offer, you can keep travel times down to a minimum and still go exploring. Seeing some of the Jurassic Coast’s most stunning cliff-lined beaches, or Scotland’s dramatic scenery still provides you with some a magical holiday experience, without the need to step on a plane.

Stop for regular breaks

If you are planning to keep it local, it might also be worth keeping the car journeys short and simple. This not only allows you to get out and have a stretch but also to make it easier on fidgety children. While you may have been able to do 12-hour stints in the car a few years prior, you have to consider that children will find the journey relatively dull. A long uninterrupted car journey is also a bad time to discover that your children experience travel-sickness.

Caravans and motorhomes

If you’re looking to have your own space with your new-born, but don’t want to constantly spend money on self-catering rentals, then you might benefit from using a caravan or motorhome. These are iconic symbols of the traditional British holiday, and provide a comfortable space for new mums who want to relax and be within close range of little ones. There are also financing options for those who wish to invest in a caravan or motorhome but not pay the full cost upfront, which can be found using Auto Finance Online.

Collapsible buggy

If you have a robust, chunky buggy for venturing around town and on walks back at home, it might be a good idea to leave this behind. Finding a lightweight and collapsible buggy will make exploring on holiday much easier, and far less cumbersome.

Travel blackout blinds

If your biggest concern about travelling with your newborn or toddler is sleep, then it’s advised that travel blackout blinds could be incredibly useful to you. This stops the natural sunlight from waking them and disturbing those much-needed lie-ins.

Travelling with small children and babies in tow is bound to cause a few hiccups along the way, but by anticipating a few practical problems, you can help to make your much-needed holiday as seamless as possible. Packing lightly, and travelling effectively could help give you as much space and resources as you need to make the most of your time away.

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