The First Things to Do After Becoming a Parent

The first days after your baby is born are often a whirlwind of family visits, bonding time, and adjusting to your new way of life. However, becoming a parent can also be a daunting prospect, and it is easy to forget some of the most critical steps that you should take after your baby has been born. To ensure that your new family is looked after, here is a checklist of everything that you need to do within the first days and months of their birth.

Register the Birth

In England, it is a legal requirement to register the birth of your baby within 42 days, and you can do this at your local registry office. When you are registering your baby’s birth, you will need to take a form of identification, such as a passport, and you will need to know important details, such as when and where they were born, their name and sex, your address, and both parent’s jobs. If both of you are unable to go to your district’s registry office, either parent can register the birth of their baby.

Change Your Will

Changing your will is paramount to secure your baby’s financial future if one or both parents were to pass away, and you should do this as soon as you can. Within your will, you will need to state the value of your estate, how you want to split your assets and the executors of your will. You should also consider stating a legal guardian. If you are struggling to make your will, by hiring will writers, you can ensure that your will is legally sound, saving your family from emotional pain and stress on your death.

Take Out Life Insurance

If you have responsibilities such as a mortgage or debts, taking out life insurance will ensure that these can be quickly and easily paid off on your death. Life insurance is paid in a lump sum, which can also be used for funeral costs. This will relieve your children of any financial difficulties once you are gone, especially if you were the breadwinner for your family.

Consider Your Return to Work

Although returning to work is not always at the front of your mind straight after the birth of your baby, your return to work is an element of parenthood that you should sort out in the first weeks of your baby’s birth. You should decide which parent is going to stay home to look after the baby, whether you are going to return to work full-time, and whether you will need childcare to support you while your child is young.

Arrange Post-Natal Care

It is inevitable that, at some point, your child will need to see a doctor, and so you should contact your GP to register them for medical services as soon as possible. You will need to pink card that was given to you when you registered them. Babies will also need inoculations in their first years of life, which you will need to be registered to receive. If you need to see a GP before you register your baby’s birth, you can complete a registration form while you are at the clinic.

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