Take Your Baby Anywhere, Easily

Many new mums feel like they’re locked indoors because of their infant. After all, even when you’re at home a baby is sure to keep your hands full! All the dirty diapers and feeding and clothes changing takes time. And you want to do all those things outside the house? Yeah right!

But you and your baby don’t have to be cooped up at home. Some of your best baby memories are bound to happen while you’re out and about. If you follow a few tips and tricks, you’ll find that it’s much easier than you think to go anywhere with your precious child.

Always Have the Essentials in a Diaper Bag

No matter where you take your baby, make sure that you bring all the baby essentials in a diaper bag. A diaper bag is an easy way to store and transport your baby essentials that you normally keep at home. What should you put in a diaper bag? Here are just a few of the must-have items:

  • Clean diapers
  • Plastic bags to store dirty diapers
  • Baby wipes
  • Cloths for burping, spit-ups, or covering while you’re changing diapers
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Change of clothes for baby

So long as you’ve got a well-stocked diaper bag with you, you’ll be able to attend to your baby in any location.

Pack Portable Baby Gear

Unless you live in the Palace of Versailles, you probably don’t use a baby carrier or a stroller to carry your baby around the home. But you’ll definitely need those if you go out anywhere with your child. Most strollers nowadays are built to be folded so that you can easily fit it in the trunk of your car. Make sure that you get a foldable stroller, and that it has a covering to keep your baby shielded from either the heat or the cold. Ideally, the stroller will have some storage areas where you can keep your diaper bag.

A baby carrier might also be a good choice for you. Baby carriers are more navigable than strollers: they make it easier to carry your baby onto public transportation or to navigate stairs. Most carriers are designed very ergonomically so that they don’t cause too much stress on your back, but you’ll most likely have to take lots of rest breaks if you’re carrying your baby for a long time. Even if you prefer to use a stroller, you should always keep a baby carrier handy just in case you need to go somewhere that’s not very accommodating to strollers.

At home, you probably have a sturdy crib and baby bath seat. When you’re going travelling, always make sure that your baby has a good place to sleep and that you have the right tools to give your baby a bath. So far as cribs are concerned, a portable travel crib is a good investment. These are lightweight cribs that you can quickly disassemble and carry with you, and they provide a soft and safe place for your baby to sleep or play. To see which travel crib might be right for you, take a look at the Baby Bjorn vs. Lotus travel crib debate.

So far as baby baths go, consider getting an inflatable baby bath. You can deflate the baby bath so that it will fit in your luggage! See the year’s top inflatable baby baths and pick the one that best suits your needs.

Book the Right Accommodations

If you’re travelling with your baby, booking the right lodging is important for a happy baby and happy trip. A lot of hotel rooms don’t have a good sink or bathtub to wash your baby. The average hotel room is also small and doesn’t have an extra space where your baby can sleep or where you can keep all that baby gear, like the travel crib. Suites are the best rooms to book because they’ll most likely come with ample bathing and sleeping accommodations.

Unfortunately, suites can be expensive to rent. Consider renting a room in an apartment or house using Airbnb. Airbnb is an affordable way to find lodging that has all the right amenities for your baby.

Have Distractions Ready

You should bring things with you that can distract your baby should he or she get antsy or bored. Bring lots of distraction items with you, because your baby will probably grow tired of each one pretty quickly. Good distraction items can help you enjoy a nice meal at a restaurant, or any long wait. As you get to know your baby’s likes and dislikes, you’ll get better at packing effective distraction items. But if you need someplace to start, see this list of the year’s best baby toys.

By learning how to provide for your baby on-the-go, you’ll be able to resume your normal routine with little added stress. Just remember to pack the essentials and plan ahead, and you’ll be rewarded with a safe and happy child!

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