Relocating with Your Family: A Guide

Relocating with your family can offer a really exciting opportunity. Moving house allows you to have a fresh start in a new area, undergo a complete overhaul of an old stagnant lifestyle, and embrace new opportunities. However, it can also be a very daunting prospect, especially if you have younger children who may find the idea of leaving everything they have ever known behind stressful. Although everything may seem a little overwhelming at first, try not to panic; here are six simple tips on relocation to help you keep your moving experience a positive one for both you and your family.


Talk through any implications and concerns with your family


Moving home can be a stressful situation for everyone involved, especially for children who are having to leave all of their friends and family behind. You may find it helpful to sit down together as a family, discuss your reasons for moving with them, and allow your children space to air any grievances or concerns they might have. Just knowing that they have been heard and that their opinions are valued will hopefully reduce some of the stress they feel about moving.


Work out your financial situation


Moving is never cheap, between the cost of your new home, any estate agent fees, the price of hiring a moving van, and any unforeseen costs along the way. For this reason, it’s important to sort out getting a new mortgage as quickly as possible, so that when you find a new home that’s best suited to you, you’ll know you have the financials covered. Go to for more information on getting a mortgage, even if your credit score is low.


Create excitement

One of the best things about moving is the opportunity for new beginnings, so try and stress this point to your family to get them excited. You can get them to start planning how they would like to decorate their bedrooms and ask for their input on decorations and furniture for the rest of the house too; the more involved the whole family feels, the better.


Get to know the area

A new neighbourhood can be daunting if you move in completely clueless about the area, so you are best off doing some thorough research beforehand. This will make the whole place seem much homelier when you do eventually move in, as everything won’t appear completely unknown.


Efficiently organise your moving boxes

Take this opportunity to rid yourself of any belongings you don’t really need: you could hold a garage sale, go to a boot fair or send anything you don’t want to the charity shop. This will reduce the amount of luggage you’re taking with you. Then, try to organise and label your boxes as efficiently as possible, so that you can make things simpler to find when you arrive at your new home.


Get to know the neighbours

One of the quickest ways to make a new area feel like home is to create a wholesome community feeling around you. Get to know your neighbours, as they’ll be extremely helpful points of assistance in the first few weeks of your move.

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