Personal Child Health Record

After your baby has been born, you will be given a Personal Child Health Record book, this is often referred to as ‘PCHR’ or in England it is commonly known as the ‘red book’ simply because it is red.

This book has spaces in it in order to record all the important information regarding your child’s health and development. It is a compact design to allow you to keep with you in a changing bag so that you have all information and records regarding your child in case of an emergency.

Whenever you baby receives a check-up, assessment or requires immunisations you should give your PCHR to the doctor, nurse, health visitor or other healthcare professional in order for them to record important information. You should also take it with you if your child needs emergency aid from A+E or a walk-in clinic. However, this book belongs to you and therefore you may want to record extra information too such as allergies, likes and dislikes, major illnesses and when major milestones such as rolling over, sitting or first steps take place.
red book
Inside the red book there are sections dedicated to:
•    Your child’s details
•    Purpose of the red book
•    Support groups including breastfeeding, children’s centres, disability
•    How to contact your Health Visitor, doctor etc
•    Information on the birth
•    Health problems and family history
•    Assessment information
•    Immunisation information
•    Screening reviews such as the new-born hearing test and the 6 week check-up.
•    Milestone charts
•    Growth Charts including weight, length and head circumference

by Jenny, mum to William and James

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