Mucus Plug

What is a mucus plug?

During the early stages of pregnancy a thick mucus plug is formed on your cervix to help stop any bacteria getting into your uterus and causing harm to your baby.

During pregnancy, the mucus plug is usually clear in colour although can often look cloudy, it is a thick and sticky consistency. Sometimes people refer to it as looking like a blob of semen.

As you enter the final weeks of your pregnancy, or possibly not until you enter labour, the mucus plug will begin to come away from the cervix and leave the body. Some women see the mucus plug in their knickers or on the toilet tissue after they wipe although some women do not notice it at all. When the mucus plug is expelled from the cervix, it is sometimes mixed with a small amount of blood and therefore can look pink, red or blood stained. The mucus plug is now referred to as ‘a show’ or sometimes ‘a bloody show’.

Having a show does not necessarily mean that labour is about to start or that your baby is about to be born and you may still have to wait a few weeks but for some women it is the first sign of labour.

If you are concerned about your mucus plug or show, you should speak to your midwife.



by Jenny, mum to William and James

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