How to Make Your Home Child-Safe

Having children comes with a lot of responsibility, and part of that is making your home safe for small fingers and energetic legs. At first, kids don’t understand what is dangerous, so it’s up to you to teach them safety while preventing them from hurting themselves. To ensure your little one can enjoy injury-free playtime, here are some tips on how to make your home child-safe.


Wall Mounts

A bookcase or cabinet falling on your child causes extreme damage, so it’s crucial to ensure this never happens. Using wall mounts is an easy way to do this. They secure your furniture to the wall, stopping it from toppling when your kid decides to climb up!


First Aid on Hand

Falls, bangs, trips, cuts – they’re all common in a house with kids. Minor injuries are actually healthy in the long run, as they teach children consequences, stopping them from making similar mistakes in the future. Even the smallest of cuts need first aid care, however!

By installing first aid cabinets in your home, you ensure you’re equipped for the tear-stained scrapes and bumped heads.


Cover Corners

A child bumping their head on a round corner is painful, but bumping it on a sharp corner is downright dangerous. Before you bring children into the home, make sure you cover all sharp corners to prevent any nasty accidents from occurring.


Fences Around Water

Drowning is one of the leading causes of death in young children, but all drowning can be prevented. By building a fence around any body of water in your home and garden, you ensure your child doesn’t fall into it accidentally. Remember – they can drown in any depth, so you can’t be too careful!

You should also make your child water aware from a young age. Start swimming lessons as early as possible, and ensure that they are always accompanied while in the water.


Baby Gates

Letting your little one run around and discover the world is all part of their development, but that doesn’t mean they should have the whole house to run around in! To stop them from tumbling down the stairs or entering a room full of hazardous objects, install baby gates, even if doors are already in place. Kids will eventually learn how to work doors, but baby gates are much harder to figure out.


Use Plug Protectors

From your nostrils to the crack under the door, children’s tiny fingers find their way anywhere. The one place you don’t want them sticking their hands into is the plug sockets, so place plug protectors in all empty sockets. They’re cheap, easy to put in, and will assure you that your child won’t electrocute themselves while exploring.


Keep Hazardous Items Out of Reach

Lots of essential household items are dangerous for children, such as bleach and small objects they can choke on. Fortunately, your kid can only reach so high, so place everything that could pose a danger to them out of their reach. Locks on cupboards are a great option, too!

Accidents will always happen, but by creating a child-safe house, you ensure that they are kept to a minimum and are not too dangerous.

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