How to Help Your Children Through Divorce

A number of marriages will end in divorce, no matter how much effort we may put into keeping the relationship going. And, some of us will go through this experience with children. This major life event can affect families and children in different ways so if you find yourself in this situation, you’ll want to make sure you all get through this the best you can.


Whether you have toddlers or teenagers, there are a number of things you can do to ease the stress and strain your children may experience during this period. Here are a few of the tasks you can carry out for, and with, your kids.


Don’t Fight in Front of Them

Heated conversations should be conducted on the phone when your children aren’t around. Research suggests that the most poorly adjusted children of divorce are those who have experienced ongoing battles between parents. You don’t need to be friends — some just can’t get along, or aren’t likely to trust each other — but for your children, you should stop yourself from fighting in front of them.


Say Goodbye with a Smile

When your child goes away to be with their other parent, you should clarify that you’re happy they can spend time with each other. For instance, if a child sees you are upset with them leaving, then they might not be able to have a good time with their other parent. So let your child know that they shouldn‘t worry about you, which will also help your ex-partner feel less tense during pick-ups.


Get a Lawyer

A divorce lawyer will not only help you with your divorce, but they can also be beneficial for your children. In other words, your lawyer can help you get a child custody agreement that works best for the kids. The custody agreement your lawyer may go for will likely depend on your family and your situation.


If you have a lawyer, you can also go for items such as child support that you might also need so you can care for your children properly. You may not feel as stressed either, as you might be able to calm down when dealing with these circumstances, making it easier for you to be a better parent. So consider using Matrimonial & Family Solicitors when divorcing your partner.


Be Reassuring

Your child could have concerns about your divorce that you might not have considered. Younger kids can worry about things such as whether they will have toys at both of their parents’ homes, or how much they will see their parents and other people in the family. Teenagers, on the other hand, might think about whether they can stay at the same school, if there will be financial issues, or if they will need to move home.


Children don’t like uncertainty, and there can be a lot of it in the early separation process. You might not have all the answers, but give them reassurance and make sure you avoid false promises, too.

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