How New Parents Can Save Money

Bringing a new life into this world is a delightful event. However, it’s also usually more expensive than most new parents realise. We receive many emails asking for help from our readers here at Essex Mums, so we know the financial pain is real. In this article, we make a few suggestions for how to make savings on the baby essentials.

Save on a Car Seat

When you know a child is coming soon and you drive a family vehicle, then you’ll certainly need to pick up a baby seat soon. You have a choice whether to buy a new one or to purchase a previously owned baby car seat. Try to get the cheapest deal on a good brand when buying new and online by using the ‘Shopping’ feature on Google and by searching for coupon codes for big name brands.

For second-hand baby seats, this is an even better way to save money. However, understand that all UK baby seats must be approved by the EU. When shopping in a charity shop or via private sales, look for the “E” symbol indicating that it’s an approved seat. It’s not worth risking getting a £500 fine if you use an unapproved older baby car seat.

Don’t Have Enough Money for Everything? Borrow Short-term

If you make a list of everything that you have to buy ready before the baby arrives and you realise that you’re short of the money you need, it’s not a case that you can just get it next month or in a year’s time; you’ve got a problem, and you need to fix it.

In this situation, a short-term loan provided through a site like BingoLoans is a good solution. They offer between £100 and £1,500 over a 1-12 months term. This means that a short-term extra amount of cash can be received quickly after qualifying for the loan to bridge the gap until the next couple of month’s salaries cover the shortfall.

Avoid Buying Name Brand for Everything

There is a strong temptation to splash out on lots of expensive branded clothing and the best of everything for your baby. The tendency for inexperienced parents to overspend is commonplace as they’re faced with shops or supermarkets lined with products just for their baby, and it’s very overwhelming!

Understand that new-borns will grow fast. They’ll outgrow their cot, pram, clothing and everything else. And fast! Therefore, spending up for “the best of everything” is really a waste. When you’re needing to keep the budget down, look for places to spend less without sacrificing quality that matters.

Continue Breast Feeding for Longer

While breast feeding isn’t always convenient, it saves quite a bit on buying baby formula and having to test the bottle for temperature too. WHO recommends breastfeeding for six months, at a minimum.

By continuing to breastfeed for a little bit longer, it will help manage the extra costs in the early weeks and months when there will be lots of other surprise expenses you probably didn’t think of.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. You have to believe that with babies, because as new parents, you’ve got to be part mother part Gladiator to manage everything, including the added expenses.

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