Fun Games for a Successful Car Journey

Let’s face it, children are not the most patient of creatures. Sometimes just a trip to the local shops can feel like an epic voyage and cries of, “are we there yet?” as soon as your key hits the ignition, can make a simple car journey a stressful one.

Whether you are about to embark on a cross country adventure or a car journey to the shops, there are plenty of free games to play and keep your little ones occupied – as well as  keeping your sanity intact!

  • Guess That Song

Take it in turns to hum a song, or better still, play a snippet from your Spotify playlist. The first one to guess the tune correctly earns a point.

  • Storytime

There is nothing like testing your family’s imagination. Start a story with “Once Upon a Time…” The next person adds a sentence and then the next. Make sure you put a time limit on the story in case it drags on a little and see what crazy adventure you can create together.

  • Let them navigate

Ok, don’t actually put your fate in their hands unless you are feeling brave, but try putting your child’s navigation skills to the test by giving them a map and asking them to direct your journey. It should save the endless questions of how much longer there is to go. You can turn the tables on that one!

  • The Shopping Game

It is the ultimate memory test. Start by saying “I went to the Shops and bought…” adding an item. The next person to take a turn needs to add another item to the list and recall what everyone else has added.

  • 20 Questions

It is an age-old classic. One person thinks of an item, person or a place and everyone has to ask a question which has a yes/no response. When 20 questions have been reached then everyone takes one guess each. The right answer is the winner and takes the next turn.

  • Car colour race

One for the younger children. Each person chooses a colour and then counts how many vehicles they see that match that colour. Set a 10-minute time limit and the highest count wins the game.

  • ABC

Choose a topic, for example animals, and take it in turns to name one in the order of the alphabet. Antelope, Bear, Cat…

  • Guess Who?

One person thinks of a character. That person can be a famous character or someone familiar to your family. They can give a variety of clues and see who can guess the right answer first.

  • I-SPY

Another car classic. Somebody chooses something that they can see and gives the first letter as a clue, ‘I spy with my little eye…something beginning with b..’ Everyone then takes it in turns to guess. For younger ones that are more confident with colours try, ‘I spy with my little eye… something the colour green’.

  • Keep a bag of tricks at the ready

Finally keep a handy bag close by with card games, snacks and treats to break up the journey.

Karen Olney

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