Emergency Car Birth Kit

If you live a long way from your chosen hospital, or you have a history of rapid labours, you may wish to put together an emergency car birth kit. It is important to put these items together long before labour begins.

  • car Seat for baby
  • phone numbers of GP, midwife, hospital, etc
  • plastic sheeting or tarp (to protect vehicle interior)
  • towels
  • bin bag or ice-cream tub (to place placenta)
  • blankets (both for you and your baby)
  • clean shoelaces for tying off umbilical cord
  • bulb syringe/nasal aspirator (to suction infants nose and mouth if necessary)
  • nappies
  • wipes to clean afterwards
  • hand sanitizer
  • clothes for baby, including a hat
  • clean underwear and large menstrual pads for Mum
  • disposable camera
  • change of clothes for Mum
  • bottled water to rinse hands and clean up afterwards
  • extra pair of dry shoe
  • torch, in case it is dark and you have to pull over


by Carrie, Mum to Lorien, Brynna, Jasper, Rowan and Willow

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