Does Watching Soccer On TV Encourage Kids To Play More Sport?

With more than 4 billion fans and growing, football is clearly the world’s most popular sport. It is played and watched in every corner of the world. Recently, we have witnessed an increase in the number of kids watching and playing football in various parts of the world. So, does watching soccer on TV encourage kids to play more sport? Absolutely yes. Here is how.

It facilitates learning the basics of the sport

Football is the hardest sport on earth until you watch it live on TV. It always looks hard to score a goal until you watch the steps that led to it. The ball is passed from one teammate to the other and it at the back of the net before you know it. There is definitely more to the game than kicking the ball in the direction of the opponent’s goal, but the simplicity displayed on TV is quite encouraging to aspiring footballers. Here are a few things about playing football that a child learns while watching football on TV.

  • How players maintain their positions and formation throughout the game
  • What footballers do when they have the ball and when they lose it
  • Why and how players are penalized

It shows football students their heroes

Some players always have the ball whenever their team is playing. They are perfect game changers. They dribble the ball past their opponents easily as if they have glue on their boots. These are football heroes that every child will want to associate with. That is why they will desire to watch live football so that they can keep track of these players and emulate them. Most children today want to play football so that they can be the Ronaldos and Messis of the future. They want to watch as many live matches as possible on TV including Spanish La Liga matches, Germany Bundesliga matches and English Premier League matches so that they can see their heroes.

It showcases amazing skills in the game

A kid watching a football match on TV can easily draw the line between pure football talent and hard work. Talented players will find it easy to keep their heads while everyone is losing theirs. They don’t struggle to showcase their brilliant skills. A child will be more than eager to replicate these skills on a soccer pitch full of spectators in the future.

It highlights the flashy lifestyles of footballers

Everybody wants to be known worldwide. A child watching football matches on TV knows exactly how easy this is- just play football and enjoy your game. Such a child will do everything possible to break into the professional footballing world in order to be a celebrity. Footballers are also some of the richest athletes in the world and no child living today doesn’t desire riches in the future.

In summary, watching football matches on TV easily lures kids into playing the game. It gives them a sense of belonging knowing that this game has the most followers in the world. It is a very entertaining sport where nothing is known beforehand. Long-standing records are smashed every other game day. This is also a sport where one plus one does not always equal to two. It may be zero or even ten if you know what I mean.


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