Changing Bag Contents

There is no denying the fact that babies need a lot of stuff on a day out and there are a lot of things that you will need to pack in your changing bag for both you and your baby for those first outings. Here is our quick handy guide of some of the things that you may wish to put in your changing bag for your new-born:

For Baby For You
Nappies Purse
Wipes Mobile Phone
Nappy Sacks Keys
Changing Mat Maternity Towels
Nappy Cream Breast Pads
Cotton Wool Usual handbag contents like hairbrush/pen etc
Muslin Cloths Tissues
Bibs Drink
Change of clothes/vest and socks Camera
Favourite Toy Pram/bike lock for leaving your pushchair
Milk and bottle if bottle-feeding
Cooled boiled water if hot or bottle-feeding
Sun cream/spare blanket
Spare hat
Your baby’s red book


As your baby grows, you may discover that you do not need certain items such as cotton wool or muslin cloths but you may actually end up needing more things including food, snacks, spoons, books, crayons, paper, plasters and antiseptic cream.

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