Bedwetting: The key to confident kids day and night

Top tips from confidence coach Naomi Richards to help inspire Confident Kids 24/7

Every day children are faced with challenges that can knock their confidence, whether it’s at home, in class or in the playground. One of the most common can be bedwetting, which can have a real impact on self-esteem.

With that in mind, DryNites® has teamed up with children’s confidence coach Naomi Richards to launch Confident Kids 24/7, providing parents with helpful tools and advice to boost their child’s confidence.

Naomi works with children to help them feel confident in their abilities and overcome challenges they may be facing. Herself a mum, here Naomi draws on her own experiences and shares some of her best advice to help parents and little ones tackle the bedwetting speed bump.

Try something new
During the day, encourage your child to try new things. If they aren’t sure about something or don’t want to, it’s not a problem – what’s important is to provide them with the choice, this helps empower them in their decision making and builds self-esteem.

Top marks!
Emphasise how well they are doing in all areas of their life and highlight how grown up they are becoming. Remind your child what they’ve achieved that day, ask who they’ve spoken to and what they’ve learned. By encouraging them to get excited about their achievements you’ll instantly make them feel great.

Communication is key
Always communicate with your child and ask their opinions or advice on something, this makes them feel valued. Parents should use bedtime to talk to their child about their day and discuss with them any worries they might have.

Time for a story
Instead of reading your child a bedtime story, why not ask them to read to you? This is a great way to get them to share the skills they’ve learned during the day and will make them feel really proud.

Banish the bogeyman!
Many children are afraid of the dark, so ensure there is easy access and lighting to the toilet at night.

It’s out of your control…
Get them to understand that they have little control over how their body is working whilst they are asleep, so night time accidents aren’t their fault.

Keep it tidy!
Encourage your child to tidy their pyjamas and DryNites® pyjama pants into their own storage bag. Each night you can ask them to take out their bed clothes and get dressed themselves.

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