A Mum’s Experience: Caesarean Sections

A Caesarean section is major surgery and its is not something that comes along lightly. Great thought by your midwife and doctors are put into them. You have one because it is the safest way to deliver your baby. There are two types of caesareans, emergency and planned (elective)

I have had both and just wanted to write about my experiences on how they came about. (No gory details! Promise!)

I had my little girl in 2008 and although, I prepared my self for birth and thought I would be able to cope, I actually couldn’t. Not because I failed, it just was not progressing. This is one of the main reasons caesareans are taken place through-out labour.

Because it happened so fast, I really didn’t have time to digest the information given. Before I knew it I was in theatre and they had lifted my (not so little) girl over the blue sheeting so I could see her.

Recovering from a caesarean was easier than I thought. I was told horror stories in the hospital and to be honest the quicker you are out of bed the better it is for you. It hurts, yes, but I was mobile within 12 hours of surgery and 4 days later I was walking around my tiny village, with baby in tow.

In 2011 I was expecting our second child. I was not prepared to go through a traumatic labour, so the consultant and I decided it would be best to have an elective caesarean. This experience was completely different to my first.

I was able to walk to theatre and I was able to laugh and joke with the staff. It was a more chilled environment. I was able to take in what was going on. I was still shocked at how quickly baby was taken out.

Again, I was back out of bed just under 12 hours later and I was home the following day after surgery. Due to a tiny complication I was not as mobile as my first, and it took a little longer to recover.

With both caesareans I was unable to drive for 6 weeks, this really depends on your insurance company and whether you feel comfortable doing an emergency stop. I was not overly confident, so waited the full 6 weeks.

Some new mothers may got though a mixture of emotions after an emergency caesarean. Its perfectly normal to feel like you wasn’t capable of having a vaginal birth, but if you feel low, and depressed, then my advice would be to see your doctor and talk about how you are feeling.

It was mine and my consultants decision to have an elective caesarean after my first, but remember that is not always the case. Most caesarean cases are followed with a perfectly healthy vaginal birth.

by Anna-Marie, blogger and mummy to Gracie {6} and Henry {4}

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