A Guide on Looking After Your Child’s Eyes

Your children are extremely precious to you, and you always want to ensure they are as healthy as possible. A big part of your child’s general health and wellbeing is their eyes, which is why looking after them is so important. There are several easy ways you can protect your child’s eyes. Read this article to find out how.

Sun Protection

Children love being outdoors in the sunshine; whether they are young enough to be pushed around in a pram or old enough to run around on their own accord, it is easy to keep your little ones protected from too much harmful sun rays.


If your child is old enough to wear sunglasses, make sure they wear them when it is sunny outside, particularly during the summertime.

Sunglasses come in all shapes, colours, and sizes, which your little one can choose from. Make sure they are UV protected to ensure your child’s eyes are completely safe from the sun.

Sit in the shade

As beautiful as it is to sit directly under the sun at the beach or on a picnic with your little ones, sitting in the shade will keep the sun out of their eyes.

Pram shield

If your child is still in a pram, you can protect their eyes by using the pram hood, as a shield from the sun on particularly bright days.

Eye Check-Ups

Children should have their first eye test before they reach their first birthday, and when they reach school age, they should be having an eye test every two years if they are not a glasses wearer and there is no evidence of visual impairment.

If your child is due for an eye checkup, be sure to book in at St Johns Eye Associates family friendly eye clinic soon.

Cut Your Childs Nails

Your child’s fingernails can grow extremely fast, which is why it is important you check your child’s nails to make sure they are not too long. When a child has long nails, it puts their eyes at risk as children often itch and scratch their eyes, which could be damaging if their nails are long. This is particularly important if your child is still a toddler, as they will not realize their nails are too long for themselves.

Monitor Screen Time

Thanks to technology, children love using screens as a primary source of entertainment at any age. Whether it is watching cartoons on the TV, watching YouTube on an iPad, or playing games on a laptop, most modern children are in awe of technology, and it surrounds their lives. However, too much screen time can be damaging for children’s eyes due to harmful blue light.

Ways to minimize your child’s screen time:

  • Restrict access to screens such as TV, phones, and computers
  • Encourage new fun activities to prevent bored children
  • Introduce more physical activity day to day

You know how important it is to look after children’s eyes, so be sure to follow this simple guide to ensure your little one’s eyes are protected as possible!

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