5 simple bedroom updates for the little people in your life

It’s not easy finding the time or the room in your budget to update the kids rooms. I think scrolling through Pinterest and pinning images of gorgeously decorated kids rooms is something all us parents are guilty of! But, did you know that you don’t need to spend a small fortune – or a big one for that matter – to completely transform your kids bedroom?

All you need is a little patience, time and imagination. You could even get the kids involved! Read on for 5 simple bedroom updates for the little people in your life.

Check your skirting boards

Are they dull? Have been coloured in? Or covered with stickers? Skirting boards can look grubby and tired really easily, so by simply updating them, you’re going to make a big impact in their room. You can either paint them or for a clean slate, check out a skirtings r us skirting board for easy installation and an instant transformation.

Frame their artwork

Kids love getting creative, but more often than not their artwork gets put in a drawer and forgotten about. So, why not put some of their greatest pieces on show? Framing their artwork will give the room a personal touch and most certainly a pop of colour! You could simply frame them with traditional frames, create a wall collage or even hang them up across the room on mini pegs! As they grow and their favourite pieces change, you can swap them!

Put life back into some old furniture

The furniture in your kids bedrooms goes through a lot…whether they’re playing inside the wardrobe, making forts with it, covering it in stickers or drawing on it with markers, it’s no wonder bedroom furniture looks old and tired before its time. Instead of buying brand new, why not breathe some new life into those old pieces? There are plenty of upcycling tutorials online to follow, or you could simply switch up the handles and knobs for something quirky and interesting!

Invest in good accessories

If you’re renting a property, then you might be a little dubious when it comes to painting walls and changing colour schemes but don’t worry, you can still make big changes to rooms with minimal effort. Introduce some bright accessories in your child’s favourite colours for the Wow Factor. Bright cushions, a plush rug on the floor, desk accessories, bedding or painted shelves. The possibilities are endless!

Try some wall stickers

Painting walls isn’t everyone’s forte – its also time consuming and if you choose the wrong colour or your child no longer likes it in six months time then you’re in a bit of a dilemma. So if you want something that’s a little more non-committal then why not give some wall stickers a try? You’ll find an abundance online, everything from cartoon characters, super heroes and princesses to more neutral designs like animals and shapes. They’re versatile and if your child out grows them, you can simply switch them for new ones. It’s that simple. They’re also ideal if you’re working to a tight budget.

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