Best Fitness Class for Parents


Sweaty Mama is a unique and effective way to exercise whilst you bond with your child. No need to organise childcare to get to the gym, Sweaty Mama allows you to spend quality time with your child whilst you undertake the workout.  Exercises are adapted to suit all ages & development of the child as well as suit the fitness level of the Mama. Over the course of sessions, you gradually build up your fitness level and strengthen your core & posture to rehabilitate your body after having a child. A fab, fun workout to upbeat music both you and your child will love!* With babies, toddlers and Preschoolers all joining in the fun!


Highly Recommended: Super Mumma Fitness

Are you looking to kick-start your postnatal fitness journey with baby in a fun and safe environment? Come join Super Mumma Fitness and like-minded mums! Our classes are tailor-made for postnatal mums, designed to target muscles affected by pregnancy and childbirth. We mix proven exercises to create varied and effective workouts suitable for all levels of fitness. Get your pre-baby body back correctly and safely with fully qualified postnatal trainer Lianne Powles. Lianne has over four years experience in postnatal fitness combined with a wider background in the health and fitness industry.


Highly Recommended: ((BOUNCE))
((BOUNCE))™: the mini-trampoline fitness that’s fun, friendly and fierce! Offering a full body workout with various concept classes, ((BOUNCE)) is three times more effective than floor based fitness thanks to the addition of gravity and g-force provided by the trampoline.

Our class features choreographed dance-cardio jumping routines to burn calories fast, finishing with our toning and stretch section for the most effective workout. Sessions are programmed to achieve rapid weight loss by burning up to 700 calories per class – and as the pioneers of the child-friendly class, you can do all this with your little ones in tow.


Highly Recommended: OneFitMama

Founded by fitness instructor and mum of three Sophia Cooper in 2010 OneFitMama was designed to help and support mothers on their journeys to healthier minds and bodies. After suffering postnatal depression and finding that exercise helped her recovery Sophia wanted to be able to help other local mums in the same way that exercise had helped her. The concept of combining exercise with a playgroup style setting was instantly successful and classes were rolled out across the UK. Over the years the company has grown to not only specialise in maternal mental health but maternal health as a whole supporting mothers across the country with pelvic floor recovery, postnatal recovery, menopausal health and everything inbetween.

2019 Winner: Super Mumma Fitness

2018 Winner: ((BOUNCE))

2017 Winner: ((BOUNCE))

2016 Winner: Yoga with Vikki at Hummingbird
2015 Winner: Yoga with Vikki at Hummingbird
2014 Winner: Essex Boot Camp

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