Best Service for Parents or Families

Daisy First Aid offers fun and fear-free first aid courses designed specifically for parents and child carers. In a two hour class, which takes place in the attendees own home or local venue, the world of emergency first aid unfolds, as parents, grandparents and care givers interact and learn the skills they need to save a life and to treat the most common accidents and emergencies


Highly Recommended: Little Heroes ASD Support

Little Heroes ASD Support Group is a parent led support group for families of children who are on the autistic spectrum.  Helen and Kim met on a professional level when Kim’s son Alfie was in the early days of receiving an official diagnosis of autism back in 2011.


Highly Recommended: A Better Start Southend
At A Better Start Southend we know local people can make great things happen. We’re investing £40m over ten years to improve the lives of Southend’s very youngest residents; and we’re working with local people every step of the way to find out how to give every child who lives here the best possible start in life.


Highly Recommended: Do it Like a Mother
Do It Like a Mother is a movement created and curated to bring you the most empowered and connected experience of pregnancy, birth and parenting, with the pursuit of your passions alongside it all.

Whatever stage you’re in right now, we’ve got stuff that could change your life. Allow us to peel off the societal BS and reveal to you your own brilliance and capacity. You won’t look back.

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