Best Place to Eat for Families


Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, make your meal your own at Harvester. We believe that specially chosen ingredients should be at the heart of our dishes, but it’s the little extras we add to make them even more special. Like our imaginative side dishes or the additions of our special ribs and unique glazes, inspired by world flavours that enhance your favourite meal and get you excited about your food.


Highly Recommended: Daleys Coffeehouse  
Welcome to Daley’s coffee house. A friendly family run business with lots going on for all the family and a dedicated children’s play corner


Highly Recommended: Pizza Express
PizzaExpress Italian restaurants provide exceptional quality food such as pizza and pasta as well as live music, takeaway and table bookings, always in style. Their Piccolo menu for children offers the same standard of food but in a smaller portion and includes ‘Create Your Own’ so children can choose more, less or none of any ingredient.


Highly Recommended: Nurture Barn
The 5* rated cafe serves delicious homemade food for your little ones: From 4 daily weaning purees to mushy pasta through to nutritious toddler meals, with fruit & veg, so forget your pouches and jars here. We have a whole menu designed for Babies & Toddlers, so you do not need to bring any food with you. This also makes sure that there is no food contamination, a danger for those with food allergies.


2019 Winner: Harvester

2018 Winner: Acanteen

2017 Winner: Acanteen

2016 Winner: Acanteen 

2015 Winner: Peapod Cafe
2014 Winner: Peapod Cafe

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