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Bam Bam has been a professional entertainer for 15 years and in this time he has performed at farm parks, holiday centres, theme parks, and at over 2000 birthday parties! As well as parties and events Bam Bam is also a popular choice for hospitals and regularly performs at both Great Ormond Street Hospital and the Royal London Hospital.

Bam Bam’s big personality and wacky sense of humour has made him one of the most popular entertainers in the South East

Bam Bam will entertain the whole family with his unique style of magic, mad games, crazy discos, dancing and general sillyness! Every child will receive a fabadousa balloon model to take home with them and the lucky winners of party games get to choose a super prize from Bam Bam’s special prize box!

So, get ready for crazy props and lots of energy, bubble and snow machines, balloons, magic and laughter!

Did you know? Here’s a top Bam Bam fact, his special magic words are Wiggle Wiggle Woo!

Highly Recommended: Ash Lee Entertainment

Ash-Lee Entertainment was created by two best friends, both being Professional Dancers & entertaining the next generation through Dance, as well as having a huge interest in comics & Superheroes. One working weekends for Entertainment Companies & the other working on learning the social media world. ​
They both worked together to understand the Children’s Entertainment Business & their aim was to give Children, Families & Friends the best & realist experience possible when hiring a Character for an event.


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Here at The Princess Emporium, we create magical and memorable moments for your little ones that they’ll cherish for years to come. Imagine the excitement your child will have when a Princess arrives at the door to celebrate their special day – a truly unique experience they won’t ever forget! With The Princess Emporium you can make any occasion even more fun and exciting with a meet and greet, Princess etiquette lessons, dancing, live singing, glitter tattoos, story time plus many more activities. We have a great range of packages so you can pick the perfect one for your party – why not have a look at what we have to offer by clicking the link below and start your unforgettable journey into the Emporium today….


Highly Recommended: Magical Princess Parties

Magical princess parties is here to bring you authentic, enchanting characters of the highest quality. All our performers are professionally trained in theatre and will bring you a top class experience.


2019 Winner: Bam Bam

2018 Winner: AJ

2017 Winner: AJ

2016 Winner: AJ
2015 Winner: AJ
2014 Winner: AJ

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