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Baby Massage is a beautiful and loving way to connect with your baby. As well as being great fun there are vast health benefits for both you and your baby! Through the duration of your Retreat Petite course you will develop unique skills that you can use with your baby until early childhood. Benefits of baby massage include: Creating a lasting bond between you and your baby, Relief from colic, wind, constipation and teething, Relaxation for you and your baby, Calming, Promotes Sleep, Improves Skin, Stimulate and support your baby’s social and physical development, Great place to meet other parents and babies in your area in a fun and relaxed environment. Courses run for 4 consecutive weeks and last 60 minutes per session. Places must be pre-booked to avoid disappointment. Please private message or call for more information. One to One sessions are also available please contact to discuss. If you already have an established circle of new mum/dad friends I will happily come to a venue of your choice for groups of 4+ within reasonable distance.


Highly Recommended: Little City

We are an entirely mobile role play City for the under 5’s to explore, discover and enjoy. Utilising our bespoke backdrops and specially selected high-quality toys and equipment, your child can fully immerse themselves in their own world.


Highly Recommended: Quackers

Quackers Music is a fun and energetic way to get your children active and burning lots of energy! Quackers classes provide 45 minutes of puppetry, song, dance and movement.

Music is proven to enhance your child’s speech and development and dance is a key element to helping develop their fine motor skills.

Singing also makes us happy and like exercise, releases endorphins!


Highly Recommended: Little Stars Theatre Workshops

Little Stars Theatre Workshops is an independent theatre school, with a focus on having fun and building confidence. The classes are friendly and fun, offering quality musical theatre workshops for children aged 2-16 both in local schools and pre schools as well as at out of school classes.


2019 Winner: Little City

2018 Winner: Quackers

2017 Winner: Leapalong

2016 Winner: Tiny Tempos
2015 Winner: Baby Nurture
2014 Winner: Buttercup Club

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