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Cake Club is a small charity (not yet a registered charity – but we’re working on it!) offering parenting support and solidarity in the Southend area. We run in-person support and playgroups in a number of locations, with something on offer almost every day of the week.

Cake Club was born out of a desire to provide support for parents in a non-judgmental and caring environment. To help parents to feed, carry, nurture and respond to their babies… It began in 2018 with two mums, four toddlers, a box of toys, a breastfeeding supporter badge, an IKEA bag full of slings and a LOT of cake. And all we wanted was to provide the support and help that we felt was lacking when we had our first babies.

Four years later, with several lockdowns and the results of a pandemic under our belts, things look a little different, and we’ve grown and evolved to meet the growing needs of local families.

We now run six sessions a week, have a thriving online community, and in 2021 supported 700 families. We focus on providing skilled and evidence-based support in a relaxed environment.

Highly Recommended: Tots World

Helping young minds go global… Come along to one of our classes in Chelmsford and take a journey around the world with your child aged 0-5 years. Our classes are jam packed with up to 1.5 hours of fun! They inspire young minds through a journey around the world incorporating role play, messy play, language, dance and music. You can even enjoy a hot drink (before it goes cold) while we do an activity with the children.

Highly Recommended: Quackers

Quackers Music is a fun and energetic way to get your children active and burning lots of energy! Quackers classes provide 45 minutes of puppetry, song, dance and movement.

Music is proven to enhance your child’s speech and development and dance is a key element to helping develop their fine motor skills.

Singing also makes us happy and like exercise, releases endorphins!

Highly Recommended: Twinkles, The Nurture Nook

Twinkles is the perfect class for babies 12 weeks – sitting, if you like the idea of baby yoga but not up for doing yoga yourself this class is for you! We create magical worlds that surprise and delight as the emerge from the darkness, revealed by our magical parachute. Incorporating development movement, light up props, guided tummy time activities, a hot drink for mum and ending in beautiful reflexology easing baby into a nice deep sleep…
We love Twinkles- we think you will to!!

2021: Jungle Jive

2020 Winner: Retreat Petite Baby Massage

2019 Winner: Little City

2018 Winner: Quackers

2017 Winner: Leapalong

2016 Winner: Tiny Tempos
2015 Winner: Baby Nurture
2014 Winner: Buttercup Club

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