Best Group or Class for Children with a Disability


What is baby signing? Babies use all kinds of signs and gestures as a natural part of learning to talk. Encouraging your baby with extra signs like milk, more, change nappy or tired will help your baby communicate!

Baby signing with Sing and Sign is easy because they make it fun to learn! Your baby will recognise important words sooner and can use the signs to “talk” to you before speech.

Developed with the help of Speech and Language professionals and recommended by experts, Sing and Sign is Britain’s longest running and best loved baby signing programme. Sing and Sign offers a variety of ways to learn :

In a class: Attending a weekly Sing and Sign group with other parents and babies.
At home: With Sing and Sign Books, CD’s and DVD’s which babies love to watch!
Online: Access their extensive Members dictionary of baby signs.
Each session includes roughly half an hour of singing and signing and ample social time for tea or coffee (venue facilities may vary) while your baby plays and makes friends. As well as many familiar and original songs, toys, props and pictures are used to inspire your baby’s interest and illustrate the signs. Sing and Sign participants sing about going to the park, mealtime, bath time and bedtime and other things to capture your child’s imagination like animals and vehicles. These are the signs babies love to use!

Sing and Sign hold classes across Essex – find your local class here.

Highly Recommended: Little Heroes ASD Support

Little Heroes ASD Support Group is a parent led support group for families of children who are on the autistic spectrum.  Helen and Kim met on a professional level when Kim’s son Alfie was in the early days of receiving an official diagnosis of autism back in 2011.


Highly Recommended: Love Laugh Learning

At Love Laugh Learning we are passionate about children. We understand that every child is unique and we want to support each child that comes to us to grow and develop, at their own pace. Our specially designed classes follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) standards and encourage children in their cognitive, emotional, speech and language, fine motor and gross motors skills development.


Highly Recommended: Ramblers Riding Club SEN Sessions

We offer ride and grooms sessions where the children get to have a try at riding and then spend time grooming and petting the pony, we also do hacks around the woods, unicorn and cowboy experiences, birthday parties, both on and off site and we also attend events with the ponies.


2019 Winner: Sing and Sign

2018 Winner: Sing and Sign

2017 Winner: Baby Sensory

2016 Winner: Sing and Sign
2015 Winner: Sing and Sign
2014 Winner: Springfield Gymnastics Club

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