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I started this blog a year & a half ago with the aim to encourage people who look after children to get outside more. I’m Essex through and through and really love our county. As well as a love of where I live, I also wanted to share our passion for the outdoors and our adventures with you.

I really do think that there is no such thing as bad weather when it comes to getting outside with our children. I try to teach my son (B who is 5) that enjoyment of the outdoors isn’t weather dependent. How can we enjoy jumping in muddy puddles without rainy days? I’m also a big believer of learning through play and the letting children have the freedom of unstructured play.

We are so lucky to have so many wonderful outdoors places to take children. And so many of them are FREE! In the last year I’ve shared walks, nature reserves, beach days, events, London days out, woods, museums, theatre trips, forest schools, country parks, a camping holiday and over 40 local Essex playgrounds!

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Simon Harris’ Dad Blog. Musings, jokes, jumping on trends to appear more popular … whatever. Simon Harris run more blogs and Facebook pages that he would care to mention and thought he would have a go at something semi-serious about parenthood. He is an Essex Dad, married with three kids under five (explaining the appropriate receding hairline) – four, two and ten months.

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So what is it? Well, I personally think every parent has their “zone”. We will all excel at certain parts of parenting. Some will be awesome when they’ve got a tricky teenager, some people are magical with tiny babies, some people are good are thinking up fun games for pre-school age. That’s me. I found newborn babies almost unbearably difficult, but chatty, active 2-5 years olds? That’s my bag. Everything else is about survival and making the most of it.

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2020: Really No Such Thing as Bad Weather

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