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Simon Harris’ Dad Blog. Musings, jokes, jumping on trends to appear more popular … whatever.

Simon Harris run more blogs and Facebook pages that he would care to mention and thought he would have a go at something semi-serious about parenthood.

He is an Essex Dad, married with three kids under five (explaining the appropriate receding hairline) – four, two and ten months.

Highly Recommended: The Unmumsy Mum

I’m an author, blogger and freelance writer living in Exeter with my husband, James, and our three boys, Henry, Jude and Wilf. I’ve chosen a professional headshot for my page because somebody told me I should choose a professional headshot for my page and this was favourable to the ones where I’m playing with Buzz Lightyear (long story).


Highly Recommended: Do It like a Mother
Do you ever doubt your capacity? To birth, to mother, to run a business? We are here to lift you out of that. We are realists, and we are honest- none of it is easy. BUT. With the right community around you, you will soon realise it is all within you. You are stronger and more capable than you can possibly imagine. We exist to reveal to you your innate brilliance, in any circumstances.


Highly Recommended: Mother of all Outings
Adventurer, Mother of 3 sharing insipration and tips so you can get out and about more with your little ones. Parenting is by far the biggest challenge we have faced, our three little pickles often push us to our limits. We focus on the thing we do best: ADVENTURES. To keep our itchy feet in check we make it our mission to explore, and find new and exciting things to do around where we live and every so often we travel a little further.

2018 Winner: The Unmumsy Mum


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