Why A Healthy Lifestyle Must Be Based On Moderation

It is argued in health and wellbeing circles that moderation is the little-known but much-needed key to a healthy way of living. Moderation is the art of doing nothing in excess and avoiding extremes. When related to health and wellbeing, it is now regarded as the silver bullet and possible panacea. There are few things that can cause serious harm when taken in moderation. Conversely, it’s possible to take many things – including exercise, sugar, and fats – in moderation, all of which will do you a world of good and form the basis of healthy, balanced living.

Understanding your health and wellbeing

Essentially, anyone who wants to live a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle needs to be able to first create a clear understanding based on the science as to what this healthier lifestyle looks like and why. Resources such as Health by Science can provide useful information about what healthy looks like for you. Like everything else in the information age, your health must be based on information and data, and there is plenty of data available about what works and what doesn’t.

A key element of the entire process is truth: everyone needs to be honest about what can actually be achieved and, conversely, about what’s being done in moderation and why.


Exercise is seen as the holy grail by many, and yet it is just as important to exercise in moderation as it is to exercise at all. Keep it mild and build up over time, always keeping what you do within the limits of what your body can handle. The body should not be overexerted as the stresses caused can be irreparable. Excessive exercise can be just as bad as too little exercise.

Eating and creating a balanced diet

Eating in moderation entails not only avoiding saturated fats and foods high in sugars but avoiding all excesses. No excess anything; even excess fruit and veg can lead to issues. So, the idea should be to strive for balance. Look at serving sizes and pay more attention to the nutritional values of food.


Even thinking can be overdone. The ancient principle of simply ‘being’ is something that needs to be entrenched in all lives. It’s about living in the present and allowing even the thinking you do to be done in a manner that doesn’t adversely affect your wellbeing. Keep positive and ensure that you have someone to talk to, never letting the stress and pressure build to unmanageable levels.

Screen time

The modern world that we all live in means that the amount of time that we spend looking at a screen has never been higher, and it can be incredibly bad for your health. It’s not only bad for the eyes, but also bad for your back, your posture, and your hands and wrists. As such, taking breaks is important, and so is, yes, the word of the moment: moderation.

The preceding discussion clearly shows how moderation is indeed the not-so-secret key to the many issues related to healthy living, eating, and wellbeing that people grapple with today.

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