One Simple Reason Why You Fail To Lose Weight

There may be one reason why you might be struggling to lose weight. And the answer lies in that very sentence.

By saying those two little words ‘Lose Weight’, you are hindering your attempts.

You see, losing anything is not seen as a good thing for the mind. One of the rules of the mind is to protect you at all costs. And pain is linked to the word ‘lose’. You see your mind is listening into everything you say. And it’s job is to protect you and give you what you want. But the mind sees losing anything as harmful and it will do it’s utmost to stop you from doing anything.

To Lose Weight Is a No-No For the Mind

To our minds ‘lose’ is one of the most negative words in our vocabulary.

For example imagine if you lost your:

  • wallet
  • car keys
  • house
  • loved ones
  • looks

It is not a happy thought is it? No-one likes to lose anything. We don’t even like losing at quizzes! You see the word ‘lose’ has too much emotional charge, and the mind will try to recover what you have lost, at all costs.

Think about it for a moment, can you name anything other than weight, which would be good to lose?

Your brain cannot accept losing anything is good. Your brain thinks losing all things is bad. So therefore it will not allow you to succeed at ‘weight loss’ or ‘losing weight’ if this is what you are constantly saying.

So instead of using the phrase ‘lose weight’ try using some alternative phrases like:

  1. I am becoming a size 12
  2. I am letting go of 1/2 a stone
  3. I am becoming the perfect weight and shape I want to be

If you are constantly repeating “I need to lose weight’, your mind is going ‘Uh, Uh’, there is no way in the world I’m letting you lose anything. And may even add a few pounds for good measure.

Changing Your Language Can Change Your Weight

By changing your language you can change your body. How can this be so?

You may have heard that old adage ‘we are what we eat’. But we are also what we think and believe. Your brain takes everything as literal and accurate.

So if you are saying the following:

  • I’m ravenous
  • I’m famished
  • I could eat horse

Your brain will believe you and your body will respond accordingly. And you will overeat.

Tone it down. Use less emotionally intense words like, ‘I am going to eat now’.

Also be careful how you describe yourself. Stop saying things like; ‘my bum is as big as a bus’.

Because another rule of the mind  is that it accepts the pictures and words you give it. The minds job is to do what you want So if you are saying ‘my bum is as big as a bus’ then your mind makes a picture of what that means, then works to feel and act the way you are thinking. And your mind will accept this as fact and soon you will have to find extra space to park that bus!

So to get your perfect weight, shape and size start changing how you think. This will then change how you feel, and your body will respond accordingly.

Studies have shown that 95% of people find diets ineffective. Sure they may lose some weight, but then something stressful happens or they finish the diet and then it all goes back on, like a yo-yo. Basically, they focus on the wrong thing. Diets won’t solve the problem permanently.

To do that we have to change the underlying way we think and feel about ourselves.

To Change Your Weight and Mind Today

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