Mindfulness & Anxiety

45007819 - mindfulnessFeeling anxious and being unable to manage how you feel can make every day life exhausting and affect your quality of life. Many tend to push through being anxious but is this wise? Anxiety can compromise your immune system, affect sleep quality along with your mental and physical health. That’s not good for you or your loved ones.

If you are struggling, a visit to your GP would be a good start to address your wellbeing through various options. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness are both recommended for treating anxiety and have produced great results for many. But If you feel you are coping in general but would like to be able to reduce the feeling of anxiety you are experiencing, Mindfulness could be what you are looking for.

When we become anxious from outside triggers or indeed internal ones we shift into a fight or flight mode. Being in this mode too often can make it very confusing for the body and we can lose the ability to differentiate what is important to react to and what isn’t. This can then interfere with our breathing pattern and make us feel even more anxious. Mindfulness can help us to learn to breath in a calming and rhythmic way. It can also help our brain to enjoy a great calm and peace from busy thoughts.

To be Mindful is to be aware of the present moment. The senses are part of this experience and any thoughts that interrupt this are acknowledged without reasoning with them, just accepted. This process helps you use and build the area of your brain which enjoys sensory experiences and use less the part that is more concerned with fear and worry. For example: Try first smelling a square of chocolate, look at it smoothness and feel the edges. Listen to the sound as you break and then bite into it, allow it to melt on your tongue very, very slowly. Close your eyes and Listen to the sound of swallowing it and feel the texture change. Feel it’s smoothness travel over your teeth and tongue and Imagine you are somewhere calm while you are eating it. There is a good possibility during this process your thoughts will be quietened. If you do have a thought, do not fight it, acknowledge it, see the words but not with any meaning. Imagine it is written down on a piece of paper and allow it to flow down an imaginary river and away from you and out of your sight. Continue with your mindful time. You don’t need chocolate, you can use a single blueberry or segment of orange. Perhaps an imaginary item or even a picture of something will do.

As you increase your skill you will also increase your resilience to anxiety. Use mindfulness to interrupt a feeling of anxiety that comes your way. Creating inner calm is incredibly empowering, why not give it a try?

Amanda is a level 4 Mental Health Instructor. She takes a community drop in class each month in Springfield Chelmsford. All are welcome to attend whatever your reason be it to meet others, learn to breath, calm anxiety or just enjoy a relaxing session based on the sensory system. The session does not have a spiritual base.The classes are advertised in Chelmsford City Councils site ‘Womentime’
Amanda can be contacted in Chelmsford 01245 466920 [email protected]

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