Julia Hubbard’s 30 min workout

60minTight for time?? This ‘at home’ workout will work the whole body and start burning fat. There’s no time like the present, so give it a go…
The workout is in intervals and you will alternate the below 10 exercises with a 60 second cardio interval
60 Second Cardio Interval

Beginners: March on the spot

Intermediate: Jog on the spot

Advanced: Sprint step-ups (you can use the stairs or a curb) or skipping


60 Second Exercises (alternate with 60 second cardio interval)

1.  Legs : Body squats

2.  Chest and back of arms: Press-ups (Beginners can press-up on their knees)

3.  Posture / flat tummy: Plank (your body should be straight – so no back arching & don’t drop the hips)

4.  Legs and arms: Lunges with bicep curls

5.  Shoulders: Lateral raise (lifting water bottles, cans or dumbbells)

1.  Tummy: Sit-ups

2.  Buttocks: Bridge

3.  Back of arms: Tricep kick backs (holding bottles, cans or dumbbells)

4.  Abs: Plank (beginners getting tired can balance on your knees)

5.  Back – Bent over row
Spend a few minutes stretching


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