Getting Back into Exercise After Having a Baby

Having a baby might have put a pause on all your fitness plans, but if you’re passionate about looking after your physical wellbeing, you might be keen to get back into it. You should definitely rest until you’re fully healed from any pregnancy complications, but after the all-clear from your doctor, you can start to incorporate fitness back into your daily routine. It’ll help you to feel better after a period of time that could have been quite hard on your body. Here are some ways you can slowly get started with exercise again.

Start Small

Just because you used to be able to lift heavy weights before your pregnancy doesn’t mean you should jump right back into it. Beginning with light 2kg dumbbells might be a safer starting point, or even some BLK BOX 5 kg bumper plates when you’re feeling more confident. If you’re experiencing any pain or discomfort, particularly around your abdominal area, then stop straight away.

Avoid Core Workouts

While many women might be keen to start tightening up their tummy, your abs should be the last thing you work on. This is especially true for anyone who has had a caesarean and you should always check with a medical professional before beginning your workouts after surgery.

Attend a Class

There are lots of classes available for pregnant women or those who have recently given birth. These are often yoga or Pilates-based and can help you to move your body without causing any damage. Make sure you choose a qualified instructor who can adjust your form and give you any advice based on your individual circumstances. Stretching and gentle strengthening movements can be the perfect place to start.

Don’t Push Yourself

You might be feeling frustrated with your body and energy levels if you’re trying to get back into working out. But it’s only natural to have less energy than you did before, particularly with sleepless nights. Your body has been through a lot, so remember you shouldn’t expect too much too soon.

Consider Your Mental Wellbeing

Exercise can be a great way to feel more positive, especially if you’re struggling with so many new changes to your life. But this doesn’t mean you need to hit the gym. Simply getting out for a brisk walk or doing some meditative yoga can be enough to make a difference to your day.

It’s OK to Accept Change

You might want everything to go back to the way it was, but it’s okay if this takes more time than you thought, or if things are never exactly the same. Maybe you’ll fall in love with a new way of keeping fit in the future, or won’t go back to lifting quite as much as you once did for the foreseeable. Life is all about embracing new things and having a baby is a time of great joy. When your little one starts to get older, you’ll be able to do fun fitness-friendly activities together, which is always something to look forward to.

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