Four Fun Outdoor Activities For Your Fitness Friends

Not everyone has the time or the inclination to go to the gym regularly. It’s expensive, and a gym membership essentially means that you’re expected to head over to build up sweat at least a couple of times per week. Still, keeping fit should remain a priority for mums – and keeping fit together is far more fun than keeping fit alone. As such, this article’s all about keeping fit with friends in the great outdoors, offering four ideas that should help you enjoy spending time together while keeping your fitness levels up.

Cold Water Swimming

If you’ve not come across this recent trend, you might want to check whether you’ve been living under a rock. In the past two years, swimming in cold water – which is essentially all water in the UK – has soared in popularity, with many proponents pointing to emerging research that seems to show how healthy it is for us. Swimming is, of course, a fitness activity in and of itself, but there’s something peculiarly satisfying about plunging into the cold water among friends and sharing the experience of chattering teeth and laughter once you emerge and warm up in the car.


A hike is a brilliant opportunity to have an extended conversation while also keeping fit. You’ll walk at a slightly faster pace than you might when you’re idly strolling to the shops, and you’ll cross significantly more challenging terrain. You’ll see the natural spots around where you live, and you’ll encounter all manner of rustic and rural treasures along the way. To get into hiking and to learn about brilliant hiking spots and excellent hiking attire, head over to UK Outdoors. They’ve got plenty of recommendations for beginner, intermediate and advanced hikers alike.

Road Cycling

If you’ve never been on a road bike before, you’ll be amazed at just how fast they can go compared with more conventional bikes. They’ll take you at high speed through the country roads in your area, giving you access to faraway pubs where you can get a bite to eat or cafes out in the middle of nowhere where you can enjoy a coffee. A road bike is usually a little more expensive than your average bike, but it’s an investment in one of the most enjoyable forms of travel out there – a great way to socialise and keep fit with friends.


Not quite hiking and not quite climbing, bouldering operates in the enjoyable in-between in which you’re forced over rocks and boulders on a route that’ll take time, patience, and a little planning to execute. This form of exercise is fantastic for many muscle groups you might not typically use in the more conventional sports listed above – and it’s absolutely superb fun. Go at your own pace, and pick your own path in order to lift yourself across rugged terrain in what is another of the UK’s most fast-growing sports and one that goes down well with adventurous friends.

The four outdoor activities listed above are all fantastic fun to partake in with friends – helping you catch up and keep fit all at the same time.

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