Forever Living C9 Detox Programme

Jillian – Age 37 – Billericay

Height 5’8

Weight before – 10 stone 7

Weight after – 10s stone 1

I’m fairly happy with my health, and weight, and know I am within my healthy BMI: but as a working mum of 2 small children I often find that I can get into a rut of not eating as healthily as I should, and not taking care of myself.  This results in me being bloated, tired, and just a bit down in the dumps about how I look, and feel.   I had heard about Forever Living products from quite a few friends, and when I spoke to Helen about what I’d like to achieve the C9 detox plan seemed like the perfect solution.

Within a matter of days, my full kit arrived by courier and included my meal replacement shakes, aloe vera gel and supplements: all packaged beautifully and labelled so that its really easy to know what to take alongside which meal etc.

I read the straight forward booklet that comes with the kit, and had a call with Helen, who gave me lots of tips and advice.  Then I got started.

The first few days are a bit difficult, as this is the initial more focused detox.  But, I pre-washed and chopped loads of vegetables so I had lots of crunchy fresh food to snack on, and drank lots of hot water.  By the end of day two I was feeling fresher and ready to start the rest of the programme.  The meal replacement shakes are totally delicious.  I opted for chocolate flavour and added to milk its really yummy, not a chore at all to have this!  I read the packet and noticed that there is plenty of protein (lots more than other shakes like Slim Fast which I’ve done before).  This meant that I was fuller for longer into the afternoon, and not ratty and starving on the school run.

The aloe vera gel tasted a bit strange to start with, but by day 3 I was actually finding it really refreshing (you add it to water), a bit like a cool cucumber drink.  I certainly noticed the difference, and my skin felt great.

Alongside this I took my fibre supplement, and other vitamin supplement tablets to make sure I was getting everything I needed.

I’d lost 3 pounds by the end of day 3, and then the weight steadily dropped off to a total of 6 pounds which was perfect for me.  More importantly though I felt like I got my eating back to a healthy place, I didn’t want biscuits in front of the TV after the plan!  My tummy feels so much more streamlined, and  I have more energy.

I would 100% recommend C9 for busy mums, who want a no fuss, easy to manage programme that delivers results.  Helen was great, and a real support, happy to send time on the phone giving her advice and sharing best ways to get the most out of the plan.

For more information about Forever Living, contact Helen on 07789 000209

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