Can Top-Rated Meal Replacement Protein Powders Cause Constipation?

When you decide to use meal replacement shakes on a regular basis (rather than just a once or twice a week thing), you may notice that you have issues with bowel movements. It’s not uncommon to go from having diarrhea to constipation depending on certain ingredients in your meal replacement shakes.

This is because some shakes have too much protein, lactose or gluten in their ingredients, or even too much fiber, which can possibly give you some unwanted blockage if you consume more it on a regular basis in excessive amounts (or if you’re not getting enough fiber in your diet as well). We’re going to give you some tips (also found at and reasons that are well known for causing constipation in your meal replacement plan.

Not Enough Fiber

If you’re drinking a meal replacement shake every single day, you should at least increase your fiber, whether that’s with a different shake, or even just by intaking more fiber with your actual meal that you do eat (you need to try and eat at least one meal a day. We’ll get to that later too). If you’re not getting enough fiber, you’re getting too much of a protein over fiber ratio, which can end up giving you less moisture for your bowels.

Because of this dry waste that is being produced as a result, you can end up making it harder for you to use the restroom. Be sure to eat fresh fruit and vegetables if need be at some point in the day and anything high in fiber to fix this.

Too Much of Anything is Bad for You

Believe it or not, having too much fiber, calcium, gluten, lactose, or too much protein, or literally too much of anything (carbs too) can actually cause a lot of problems. Especially if you’re not getting enough minerals like magnesium in your body to regulate things. If you’re eating a meal that’s high in fiber, or snacks even, and your meal replacement shakes are high in fiber, you may need to cut down your fiber intake and drink more water.

Yes, Drink More Water

On average, the average person needs to drink eight 8oz glasses of water per day. However, if you’re intaking a lot more fiber and other nutrients, and especially when your meal replacement shake contains a high amount of protein per serving, you can actually regulate things a little to make it easier to pass your waste properly.


There are numerous ways you can help alleviate your need for the blocked bathroom break. Not only that, there is a fine line. If you find that increasing your fiber doesn’t help (or you can’t help but get high amounts of fiber from your meal replacement shake), replacing your red meat at least every other day with a couple servings of fish cam help give you protein, but it also gives you more omega-3 fatty acids and folates depending on which type of fish you use. Other times, you can get these in some things like flax seed, soybeans, and other vegetables.

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