Building A Business Around Your Babies!

haven7Hi Mums ! How would you like to increase your skills set, and earn your own income, whilst still being at home with the children ? Without having to get involved in “get rich quick” schemes, or pyramid selling, Inspiral offer women the chance to gain new qualifications that can then be used to develop your very own small business – totally on your terms !

Established for just over seven years in Grays, Essex, Inspiral offer a wide range of training courses and qualifications that are ideal for the stay at home parent. We will train and qualify you in many holistic and alternative therapies, which you can then supply to the public, at times that fit you and your family.

Our training is very affordable, as we are an Ethical Business, and don’t set out to make huge profits from our clients, preferring instead to keep things reasonable, and therefore gain your trust to sign up for other courses. Our tutors are headed by Lynne Akers, a qualified Holistic therapist and Reiki Master and teacher, who passionate about her subjects, and taught at Maldon College prior to joining us here at Inspiral.

Over the years we have realized that people learn better in a relaxed atmosphere and this is the way we present all of our courses. Inspiral naturally attracts friendly and positive people, and the welcoming environment makes a world of difference to your learning experience with us.

Now, onto the courses ! All Inspiral courses are certificated, and approved for insurance by Balens, the largest alternative therapy underwriters. This means that, once you have passed your course, you are free to offer your services to the public as a holistic therapist.
We offer a huge range of courses, but here are just a few coming up shortly.

  • Hot Stone Massage – The perfect massage ! Uses basalt volcanic rocks smoothed by rivers to heat and melt away tension and muscle pain. Native American Indians use hot stones as a way of connecting to Mother Earth they call them tribe of the stone people very strong medicine.
  • Swedish Classical Massage – The massage techniques learnt with this course sets you up as a therapist and we would suggest this course to any serious therapist.
  • Reflexology – Learn techniques to activate healing in any area of the body by manipulating the foot. Ancient technique which is a great way to help people that have problems and do not want or can’t have Swedish massage.
  • Indian Head Massage – Great course to relieve stress and is soooo relaxing. Helps keep hair healthy, encourages blood flow to the brain, helps relieve headaches, facial massage improves skin tone rejuvenates. Great for beginners as no oils or couches needed !
  • Hand Reflexology – Same as foot reflexology. Theory is there are points on the hand that connect to different areas on the body. Sociable course only hand cream needed. Usually end up all chatting and its amazing what you can pick up spiritually as well !
  • Thai Foot with stick Massage – Ancient massage technique to address points on the feet to revive the bony systems. The Thai stick is used to put extra pressure on points and is rolled on the foot. Very relaxing and a nice reviving treatment.
  • Rejuvenating Facial Massage – Amazing facial massage that uplifts the whole face with immediate effects !
  • Lymphatic drainage Massage – Learn how to encourage lymph flow to reduce oedema. Nothing like Swedish and not too many therapy centres offer it.
  • Hopi Ear Candling – Use wax infused linen candles that are drenched in healing herbs. The candle is placed lightly in the ear canal and the healing smoke draws fluid out of the ear, warms the sinuses and opens them up, evens pressure in the ears. Great treatment for after colds and flu, after long flights , can help relieve tinnitus. Can help with spiritual awakening as acts on the higher chakras.
  • Navel Candling – Herbal infused waxed candles, bigger than Hopi Ear Candles are used to warm the inner organs held on the delicate skin of the navel. Considered a beauty treatment in Indian as massage oils are then used to massage the stomach and midriff area. A mask of kaolin and citrus juice used to tighten the skin Thai compresses used to warm and encourage blood flow. Great for menstruating women, constipation, women wanting to get pregnant.
  • Colour Therapy – Use colour to help heal emotional problems. Gentle and non invasive.
  • ACU Sound Healing – Learn this interesting technique of using tuning forks that are tuned to the frequency of each chakra to stabilise them so improving health. Non evasive very soothing and relaxing.
  • Warm Bamboo and Rosewood Facial Massage – Lovely facial using warm bamboo sticks to smooth the facial muscles and gently stretch the neck out. The rosewood roller it used to smooth facial lines out giving a more youthful appearance. Nice unusual massage using equipment.
  • Aromatherapy Blending and Massage Course – Learn how to blend essential oils to help with healing of physical and emotional problems. Learn to use the oils to use as an added benefit of massage. Interesting subject that is backed up with an extensive manual to add you when choosing oils.

So, as you can see, we have a huge range of really lovely courses for you to pick from in order to build your portfolio of talents ! If you are interested in taking any of them, or would simply like a chat about the viability of setting up on your own, please contact Jay Gage at [email protected] and check out the website at

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