Best Lifestyle Changes For Your Family

It is not always difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle and making just a few changes to your daily routine can drastically help you and your family to lead a more active and healthy life. By deciding to change your choices as a family, you will be more likely to stick to and achieve your goals, helping the whole family to benefit from your success at getting a positive lifestyle.

·        Healthy Takeaways

One of the major downfalls for families when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle is the food that we consume. Due to the stress and chaos of family life, many families choose to eat at restaurants or get a takeaway. However, these takeaways often contain many negative ingredients such as a high salt content and high levels of saturated fat. If you are unable to cook at home or do not want to give up your favourite takeaway, you should consider ordering healthy takeaway options, which are now becoming more prevalent for families. If you are looking for a thai food takeaway, many companies are now starting to opt for healthier options and ingredients than you would expect, allowing you to treat your family while still eating healthy dinners.

·        Limit Screen Time

If you or your children spend too long on electronic screens, this can cause a number of negative effects on both children and adults, such as a loss in concentration, poor sleep patterns, and a risk factor for obesity. Due to the sedentary nature of screens, this can stop children getting the exercise that they need, and even increase the likelihood of poor academic results. Although you do not need to ban screens completely, you should try to limit screen time in your home by putting parental controls and limits on your electronic devices, setting up other activities for the whole family such as an outdoor game, and arrange areas of the house where screens are not allowed, such as bedrooms.

·        Create a Sleep Routine

Sleep is also vital for both you and your children as this can improve your energy levels, increase concentration and focus, and even boost your immune system. Going without sleep can seriously impact your body’s health. However, adults in the UK only get around 5.78 and 6.83 hours of sleep per night, rather than the recommended 8 hours. Then, it is important that you instil a sleep routine in your household, with each member of the family having a regular bedtime. For children, you should ensure that their bedtime routine is the same each day, such as brushing their teeth and washing their face, while for adults, you can sleep better by winding down before bed, limiting screen time and instead performing relaxing activities such as reading.

·        Start Family Time

As a family, you should also consider the amount of family time that you create a week, and try to increase this as a key lifestyle change. You can introduce family time by making sure that your family eats together every night around the dining table, meaning that you have the opportunity to discuss your days and any information you need to communicate. You should also try to arrange family play time at least once a week, whether that is reading your child a book before bed, watching a film, or playing in the garden.

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