5 Reasons to Hire A Personal Trainer

It isn’t easy staying fit. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, lower your blood sugar, or clear your head, getting the motivation mustered to hit the gym or the track every day can be a real slog.

Exercise is, however, crucial. According to the BBC, regular exercise can help reduce the risk of long-term health conditions, strengthen your muscles and bones, maintain a healthy weight, manage stress and preserve brain function.

Personal trainers can offer help with motivation, as well as technical advice about exercise. PT’s create personalized plans for you to follow to guide you on your fitness journey.

Personal Training has a long history. Ancient Egyptian wall art and the Homeric poems of ancient Greece both illustrate personal physical training techniques from the distant past.

Today, it has evolved into a broad and highly personal field. Here are some of the key reasons why you should hire the services of a personal trainer to get the most out of exercise.


This Time Its Personal

Personal training is, well, personal.  A good trainer, such as those from Train Fitness London, will take some time to ask you about your past injuries and exercise routines before creating a plan unique to you. This is far safer and more effective than getting generic exercise plans from a book or the internet.



When you are training yourself, it is easy to cut corners. The mind is a wonderful thing, and it can create all sorts of complex excuses in order to save the body a bit of strain in the short term. A personal trainer keeps you accountable. They monitor how well you are keeping to your plan, and push you harder when you falter.


You Are What You Eat

Food and drink are key to mental and physical health. A good personal trainer will be able to develop a nutritional plan that operates in conjunction with your exercise regime. Most high-level personal trainers will have had to learn about nutrition and physiology as part of their accreditation training.


They Teach

Whilst a personal trainer can help you achieve your fitness goals in the short term, one of the key benefits to hiring a PT comes after they are gone.

BY creating a plan for you and explaining in detail why it makes sense, a personal trainer is educating their client for life. Taking the skills and tips your personal trainer has given you into your self lead fitness regime later in life can make a huge difference. You will be on your own again, but far more knowledgeable!


They Set Goals

When you are trying to get fit, setting realistic goals can be hard. It is easy to just say you’ll do as much as you can, or to aim for an absurd idealized body.

Personal trainers assess your needs and your abilities and set realistic goals to work towards. This is absolutely crucial. Realistic goals change your aims from being abstractions to being real and achievable things.

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