Sounds Right Phonics

Is your child starting school in the next few years??


Do you want to give your child an excellent foundation with an opportunity to develop physical, emotional, social, language and literacy skills?


Sounds Right Phonics Preschool sessions are the answer! 


Through high energy, interactive activities, games, music and singing, your child will not only learn new skills including phonics sounds but go on to learn to orally blend and segment words too!! 


Sounds Right Phonics classes are inclusive for all children. Welcoming, friendly, fun and educational. What’s not to love? 


Minis class – 12 months plus

Preschool class – 2.5years plus 


Monday 9.15am Minis

Monday 10.15am Preschool

Monday 1pm Preschool 

Monday 2pm Preschool 


Tuesday 9.15am Preschool 

Tuesday 10.15am Preschool 


Wednesday 10am Minis

Wednesday 11am Preschool 

Wednesday 1pm Mace Playce 


Friday 9.30am Mace Playce 

Friday 10.30am Mace Playce 


Saturday 9.15am Preschool 

Saturday 10.15am Preschool


Autumn term begins Monday 17th September 2018.

Contact details: Kelly Monksfield
[email protected]

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