Sing and Sign

Sing and Sign is the multi-award winning baby signing programme, birthed over 18 years ago and still changing little lives today. We offer three age-specific programmes to cater for babies from birth to two years, teaching parent and child how to communicate with the help of simple gestures before speech has developed.   On your Sing and Sign journey you will begin by exploring early learning techniques, building a strong platform for positive communication and introducing babies first signs.  Through Stage One (5m+) you will learn over 100 signs to use in your daily routines with baby, from animals and vehicles to emotions and nappy change, you’ll be singing and signing as you go!  As our Little Ones toddle into Stage Two (16m+) we begin to explore pre-school concepts including phonics, colours, the weather and lots more!  Using music, song, props and our beloved Jessie Cat, classes keep our babies engaged whilst carers are learning over 200 signs to use in day to day routines as well as many much loved songs that will stay with you for life! Signing has been found to enhance speech development, boost emotional well-being and increase neurological growth in the early years. Combine that with the benefits of music and singing and you have a wonderful programme that will literally colour your Little Ones early life. There are over 900 Sing and Sign classes across the country so be sure to Register your Interest today…it’s never to early or too late to Sing and Sign…


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