Parent and Toddler Group, Brentwood

Parent and Toddler Group for Dads and Mums.
Wednesdays 9am-noon

Hutton & Shenfield Union Church, Roundwood Avenue, CM13 2NA

A relaxed café style play group for lockdown babies!

Let’s face it, lockdown hasn’t been easy – so the last thing you want is a play group with lots of DOs and DON’Ts.

Just turn up any time between 9am-10am and prepare to be pampered with tea and coffee on tap and if you’re feeling peckish then check out our toast and range of toppings.

The venue will be open until noon but you can leave whenever you like.

The hall is huge so plenty of room to keep a safe distance from other households and there’s lots of room to park too.

Bring your own toys and playmat/blanket if you can – but don’t worry if you can’t or forget as we’ll have toys ready and waiting.

Any questions then WhatsApp us on 07545500689 or book a ticket and we’ll look forward to welcoming you!

Book via

Contact details: WhatsApp 07545500689


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