Why Teaching Your Children to Write in Cursive is Important

Computers have become the main source of writing at present, and according to many administrators there is no need to teach cursive writing anymore. Instead, the students should spend their time learning how to type from the keyboard. However, you will come across many parents and students who are of the notion that teaching cursive writing is quite relevant and must not be dismissed so quickly.

Below, we have mentioned some valid reasons why it is important for your kid to learn cursive writing.

1. Improves motor skills

Unlike print writing, cursive writing entails a different skill set. It consists of a different way of using the hand muscles. Apart from this, unlike regular writing, it helps to activate a different part of the human brain. Students are taught to write in cursive when they are 7 to 8 years old. At the time, these skills can be responsible for enhancing the development of motor skills.

2. Strengthens learning

Students have only one chance to master and decipher the letters when they are taught the English language in the print writing form. However, in case they are taught cursive writing, they will have another chance to understand the English alphabet comprehensively. Learning cursive will likewise help them to understand the formation of the letters, and this will help to develop their print writing skills too.

3. Dealing with legal documents

Students who are comfortable in writing in cursive will be able to write and sign legal documents as well. One needs to make a cursive signature for endorsing legal documentation apart from a printed version too. Cursive will likewise allow the student to write and sign checks. In fact, cursive writing is considered to be the standard style while writing checks for making payment. In case the students do not learn cursive, they will be at risk while dealing with legal documents out there.

4. Helps disabled students

It is difficult for students having learning disabilities like dyslexia to write in print given that many letters appear almost identical especially b and d. On the other hand, the cursive letters appear to be different from the print letters. This will provide the disabled students with another option which can lessen their dyslexic tendencies and help them to write better.

5. Helps to connect students to the past

Students who are not able to read and writing in cursive will not have the opportunity of reading important documentation as well. In fact, many historical documents have been written in cursive and only a few of them are obtainable in print form at present.

Apart from missing out a significant portion of history, students will miss out on reading cards and letters from their predecessors too. This is because older generations practice cursive writing on a regular basis, and children need to depend on their parents for translating those letters and cards given that they are unable to understand the cursive writing whatsoever.

Thus, it is now clear from the facts mentioned above that teaching cursive is important nowadays and every educational institution ought to include this in their course curriculum. Apart from improving motor skills, it will also help the students to deal with legal documents too.

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