Stained glass windows

A great, creative idea from Clair Girvan. This is one for school age children, or those close to it. She says that she did this with her four year old and helped with his colour exploring and cutting and ripping skills.

You will need

  • tissue paper
  • other colour paper/ or craft card
  • scissors
  • laminating pouches
  • laminator

Draw a shape with an area in the middle that you can cut out from the paper or craft card.

This middle area will be used to fill with the colour paper we tried a rainbow, hand cut outs, cloud and rain, sun and moon and butter flys. We will be trying alphabet and numbers next time!

Put the cut out upside down on the inside of a laminator pouch. Fill the inside area with pieces of the tissue paper cut or tear it and layer it up.

Once the area is covered. Close the pouch carefully and carefully support it while it’s going through the laminator to make sure the pieces done move around too much inside.

Let it cool and then you can either keep the whole piece or cut around the laminated shape. They look great blu tacked to a sunny window, or you can use a hole punch to punch a hole to hang with string in the garden (the laminating will provide some waterproofing) or even making a baby mobile!

They are great fun and something that can be kept forever or given as gifts


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