2891297_sMy eldest son Felix loves facts. At least four times a day he will come and ask me “do you want to know a fact, Mummy?” and proceeds to tell me some new bit of info he has found out. He takes after his Dad in this regard: my husband is the king of trivia, a pub quiz expert. Kester loves Sporcle, a website full of quizzes: close to one million user-generated quizzes in fact! It occurred to me recently that this could be fun for Felix too, and I was right, he loves it. Of course he would love to just do quizzes in things such as ‘Name all the Minecraft Mobs’ and ‘Hogwarts Wizard Training‘ but it might actually have some educational value too.

Sporcle quizzes work by giving you a question then you having to try and guess the answers in a given time – either by typing or clicking the right option. They are really fun and addictive!

Here are a few quizzes your children might like to try:

Why not try them yourself and let us know how you got on!

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