Put The Screens Down! Use The Great Outdoors To Teach Your Kids Instead

Now that the British summer is in full flow, why not use the great outdoors to your advantage, by getting your kids’ brains ready for learning before school starts up again?

After all, spending so much time inside during the lockdown will have likely driven your kids up the wall. So, now they’re finally able to make the most of playing outside, it makes sense to allow them to enjoy what’s left of the summer break.

Using the list of ideas we’ve included below, you will not only be able to enjoy the great outdoors with your kids, but you will also be able to teach them a few valuable skills at the same time. Here are a few outdoor schooling benefits and activities for you and your family: 


Go Exploring!

Whether it be your garden or a local park, make the most of your local green space by creating personalised bingo boards featuring the plants and animals you often find there.

Then, once these have been created, send your kids on a scavenger hunt to identify each animal or plant listed on the board. The first one to identify all the animals and plants correctly will be the winner!

Having this sense of competition will encourage your kids to want to find out about their local wildlife. Plus, it’ll teach them to stay focused for longer and show that the harder you try to complete something, the better the outcome tends to be.

Just be mindful they act and walk responsibly while they’re gallivanting through the park – we all know how excited kids can get when there’s a prize on offer!


Get Cooking!

And no I don’t mean in the kitchen – I mean the BBQ, of course!

Cooking is a great way to teach your children a variety of life skills that will stay with them for years to come.

From learning how to handle sharp objects to blending flavours and following instructions, there are a number of things that your children can learn from cooking.

Why not, for example, test their mental arithmetic skills while you’re organising a summer BBQ for you and your guests?

Whether it be working out the total cost of the food required, calculating the individual price per guest or estimating the amount of time you’ll need to cook for, there are several ways to teach your kids important maths skills while you’re sizzling the sausages.


Get Gardening!

Children love getting their hands dirty, so why not get them to channel their inner Alan Titchmarsh while helping you in the garden?

Especially now that the summer sunshine is finally here, there is no better time to head into the garden and teach your children all about how plants and vegetables grow.

You could, for example, ask your kids what their favourite fruits and vegetables are and plant the relevant seeds in your back garden. Then, enjoy their faces light up as they watch their favourite foods being produced with just a little bit of sunshine, water and TLC.

From cherry tomatoes to ripe red strawberries, have your children help you out as your ‘personal gardening assistants’ and, we promise, they’ll love the feeling of tucking into the literal fruits of their labour.


Go Camping! 

If your children love a sense of adventure and are a big Bear Grylls fan, then you simply have to take them camping.

Whether you set up a tent in your own back garden, a local campsite or the heart of a local forest, there are several great places to set up camp for a night or two.

And, while you’re there, you will have ample opportunity to teach your kids an abundance of valuable life skills.

From how to pitch a tent, identify forest wildlife or even start a campfire, your kids will love the feeling of being outside and will cherish the opportunity to be closer to nature.


Bee Friendly!

While on the topic of being closer to nature, why not teach your kids the importance of one of the planet’s most important buzzy, fuzzy friends?

Bees are critical in sustaining the planet’s ecosystems, after all, so – the sooner you can teach your kids about that, the better.

And, now that the sun is out, there is no better opportunity. There are now a lot more of the fuzzy black and yellow insects flying around so make the most of them while you can.

By identifying a small area of your garden and setting up a bee conservation area there, your kids will find a newfound respect for the insects and should, hopefully, put more effort into keeping them alive. Now, wouldn’t that ‘bee’ nice?

Final Thoughts  

There are various outdoor activities you can try with your child. For instance, you can go camping or have a BBQ feast in your home. If not, you still have many options to choose from the list above! These can teach your child valuable lessons they’ll find useful in the future. Also, it’s a great avenue to nurture your kid’s overall development. 

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