Puffy Paint

This idea from One Little Project really caught my eye. I would have loved it when I was a child and am sure there are lots of other budding artists out there who would enjoy it too! Puffy paint is really easy to make and gives an amazing texture that lasts a few days: fun for adding something extra to your paintings!


You will need:

  • Shaving Foam
  • White PVA Glue
  • Food Colouring



  1. Pour a decent amount of glue into a small bowl. Add a similar about of shaving foam. It’s a fairly inaccurate process so it doesn’t have to be perfect: just give them a stir to see how the consistency feels.
  2. Add a few drops of food colouring. The colour will be light to start off with and will darken as the paint dries but you can be as reserved or as crazy as you see fit.
  3. Give it a stir – you might prefer to use a straw or lolly stick rather than your own cutlery!
  4. Repeat in separate bowls for each of your colours.
  5. Paint it onto your paper – be generous so that it looks nice and fluffy!



This puffy paint recipe was such a fun and EASY craft for the kids to do! They loved the texture and had so much fun mixing everything together!


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