Pretty beaded bubble wands

bubble wandsAnother great idea from Clair Thienel:

We made this super cute bubble wands about two years ago; they always come out when we have garden parties with toddlers attending and they are very popular! You can even make them as party favours and put ribbons on the end. Even the boys love them. All you need a a mix of beads with at least a 4mm hole in the middle. You can even use beads from old necklaces or old broken beaded curtains! And some wire that florists use which is not too stiff and around 2-3mm to fit through the beads.

Cut a 30-40cm piece of wire with wire cutters or sharp scissors and wrap it around a solid cylinder a small deodorant spray is the perfect size, get the little ones to thread the beads on and then finish with a smaller loop at the end, you can use a pencil for this, tuck in any loose wire for safety.


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