Lion painting with Footprints and Forks

A fun, simple idea from Emma Owl! Create a friendly lion face with a memento of how tiny your child’s feet once were.

Materials Needed:

  • Paper or Card – as big as possible
  • Paint: Yellow or Orange, or both
  • Googly eyes (optional – draw them on if you have none)
  • Forks
  • Feet


IMG_5085Emma suggests taking two days for this project so that the footprints are able to dry. If time is a factor, this isn’t necessary, it just avoids some smudging!

1. Paint and stamp your feet – your child could have a go at this themselves but may need some help.


2. When the footprints are dry, it’s time to paint the lion’s mane!

3. Place the whole fork into the paint and swipe from the footprints out. Try to hold the fork at an angle so that you are painting with the tines rather than the back.


4. Once the paint is dry you can finish you lion off by adding eyes – nose and a few freckles!


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