How to Improve Your Child’s Maths Skills

While math may not be the most enjoyable subject for children at school, there are tons of techniques and skills that your kid will learn which can be used all the way up to adulthood. Therefore, helping to improve your child’s math skills from an early age can only be a good thing. Here are just a few ways to encourage your child to progress in math.

Involve them in Household Duties

Sitting in a classroom or staring at a screen may not be the best way for your child to learn math. To keep things interesting and to inject a bit of fun, there are various household activities that you can do with your kid to help improve their math skills. If you enjoy baking and cooking, why not involve your child? Having them read through the instructions, follow recipes, and measuring and weighing ingredients can be a great way for them to learn math. What’s more, they will become familiar with temperatures, fractions, and quantities, which are all useful tools to have throughout life.

Grocery Shopping

Allowing your child to be involved in the grocery shopping can be another great way to help them understand math. When at the store, encourage your child to look at food labels as well as how to compare brands and prices to get the best deals. Also, letting your child know your budget can help them understand the value of money. Learning about numbers and how much things cost from a young age can be hugely beneficial. Turning an ordinary, mundane activity into something exciting may be all it takes to get your kid interested.

Play Math Games at Home

If your child has a short attention span, there are several ways that you can make math more fun. Instead of displaying a whole load of numbers on a screen, why not play some games that can improve their math skills? Popular games such as dominoes and chess can test your child’s math ability without them even knowing about it! What’s more, sitting down as a family to play some math games can be a great bonding experience.

Practice Makes Perfect

A little bit of learning each day can go a long way. Even having 10 minutes for your child to brush up on the basics of math can help them retain information, which they can use to their advantage in all aspects of life. The more your child practices, the better they will be with their math. There are quick activities that you can do such as problem-solving which will get your child thinking. Making things fun and exciting can give your child that extra bit of motivation to succeed.

For example, if you are in the car, ask your child how long it will take to get to your destination based on your current speed. Or, when in a shop, ask your child to calculate the price of an item that has been discounted and how long it will take for them to save up their pocket money to purchase it. There are so many ways that you can make learning math more fun.

Writing Skills

From an early age, you should be teaching your child how to write neatly and clearly. Whether they are tracing letters or writing on a graph paper, having numbers that are clearly displayed is important. Instead of rushing through equations and math work, make sure that they take their time with their spelling.

Provide Help and Support

As a parent, it’s only natural that you will want the best for your child. As each kid is different when it comes to how fast they learn, you need to have a level of patience, understanding, and empathy. Learning something new can feel daunting, so you should try and make it as simple as possible so your kid can learn in an environment that they feel comfortable in. Make sure to frequently check the work they are doing. If you don’t understand their math, you can’t expect your child to either.

If their teacher has set work that you both don’t understand, it may be worth consulting with them first. Once you have a grasp of what is expected of your child, it is easier to create math activities that your child can flourish at.

Reward Your Child

Providing rewards for your child throughout their learning can be hugely beneficial. Having objectives and goals to work towards can keep your child on the right track when it comes to gaining math knowledge. Therefore, rewarding them with a treat or a trip out may help give them motivation. Whether your child has learned something new in math or they have done well on a test, giving them a reward can show how much you appreciate their hard work and effort.

Math Tutoring Programs

There are a variety of math tutoring programs that can be beneficial for your child. With so many options to pick from, it can be hard to know which program is right for your kid. Therefore, doing a bit of research can go a long way. Make sure to read this blog about Mathnasium, which is just one of the providers of math help. There you can find more information on the costs involved and how it compares to other programs. Whether it is in-person tutoring or online, only you will know what’s best for your child.

If your child doesn’t enjoy math from the beginning, trying to help them improve can seem like an impossible challenge. However, instead of giving up at the first hurdle, make sure to take any of the tips listed into account. Whether it be involving your child in household duties to get an idea of numbers, or enlisting help from a math tutor, there are all sorts of ways on how you can make learning more fun.

You will want your child to thrive in math, especially as so many career paths depend on good math skills. Therefore, staying motivated and determined is key. While success may not happen overnight, you will begin to see slow but steady improvements in your child’s math ability.

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